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What sweets are pregnant?

What sweets are pregnant?

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Can you eat sweets during pregnancy? I am talking about ready-made ones available in every store.

What mom is an opinion ....

If you ask a doctor or dietitian, the answer is actually always the same.

Sweets are allowed during pregnancy, but it's best prepared at home, with good quality ingredients. All this to avoid eating highly processed meals, full of unnecessary additional ingredients, including, above all, preservatives suspected of carcinogenic effect.

Sweets prepared at home also have the advantage that we know exactly what they are hiding. We can also be sure of their freshness. In addition, it is easier for them to satisfy the "craving for sweet". Ready sweets are composed in such a way as to fuel the appetite for sugar, not to satisfy it.

At home, we can also use healthier substitutes for refined sugar, for example honey, more fruit and thus get a tasty and healthy dessert.

And what about the ready assortment can we eat without any remorse?

Here it comes first dark chocolate. Unfortunately, the worst choice among chocolates is white chocolate, rich in sugar and full of unhealthy additives.

Dark chocolate contains:

  • a large dose of antioxidants,
  • less sugar
  • is poorer in unhealthy fat,
  • fat in cocoa butter - stearic acid does not raise cholesterol in the blood like other types of fat do,
  • you don't have to worry about the caffeine content of chocolate. By eating a few pieces, you really do not provide much.

It's best to choose chocolate containing the highest percentage of cocoa. We can start with the one containing 60% cocoa, then try the one containing 70% to finish and stay on the one containing 80% cocoa.

You can choose pregnant unsweetened cocoa powder and drink them dissolved in warm milk. You can add a small amount of honey to it.

Also, reach for pregnant dried fruit and fresh and frozen fruit.

Remember that you also give your child everything you eat. On the other hand, get rid of remorse and don't worry if you choose less healthy sweets from time to time.