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What do "cheap donuts" hide?

What do "cheap donuts" hide?

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Fat Thursday. It's good to eat a donut. At least one, or at least a few. That's what tradition says ...

Large stores tempt us with offers for plump, fresh and tasty puzuska: with your favorite additions, icing, powdered sugar, chocolate, pudding, marmalade. We can choose and pick ...

There is also another current. Many people fry donuts or bake (depending on their preferences) at home. And they do it in a conscious way ... They want to have a product with a certain composition that will not contain any unnecessary additives, which you will eat without remorse.

And what can you find in mass-produced donuts?

First of all, most donuts available in supermarkets are not fresh. These are products that are delivered frozen and then baked. Just like breads and rolls.

The average composition also does not look encouraging:

  • instead of eggs egg mass
  • hardened oils
  • emulsifiers,
  • preservatives
  • thickeners
  • dyes
  • aromas
  • Cocoa powder pretending to be chocolate

To fry donuts at home, all you need is:

  • flour
  • eggs
  • milk
  • sugar
  • yeast
  • vanilla
  • oil or butter
  • vanilla pod or vanilla sugar
  • salt
  • alcohol

A donut prepared at home will be much healthier and safer. Deprived of unnecessary additives and synthetic substances, which is responsible for the plague of allergies and even for carcinogenic effects.

For comparison, the composition of a donut from the market takes a dozen or so lines!

source: Healthy Eating of Little Wrocławians


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