How to organize an unforgettable party for your child?

How to organize an unforgettable party for your child?

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Certainly, each of us has in mind some party from their childhood. Although I am already an adult woman, my brother and I still laugh, as we recall my birthday party from 1995 when when playing "Familiada" to the question "Word for Z ..." he replied - Frog, and "Redder than tomato" are ... two tomatoes  I will add that my brother was 7 years old at the time, so you can forgive him some knowledge gaps. As a person always full of ideas (you need to be aware of your strengths, and what!) And involved in the organization of each party in our home alone I dealt with "attractions" accompanying events, whether family or with peers. Today, less and less often you can count on your own children to help. Often because we didn't give them an opportunity to prove themselves. And yet birthday we prepare the party at least once a year (depending on the number of children at home, type of party - family, kinderbal for colleagues), certainly everyone has organized holidays at least once. We also celebrate anniversaries ourselves, which we like to celebrate together with our loved ones. It is worth giving our child a chance during preparations, that we may enjoy the forthcoming holiday with us.

I will try to present an absolute sketch of the preparatory 'activities'.

Date, time and place

Date and type of admission: we set the date, time of admission, and (which is usually the reason for this activity) the type of reception - a child's birthday party for the family, a child's birthday party for friends, our jubilee for family, friends, Christmas Eve supper, Easter breakfast, etc.

Based on specific 'data' we create a guest listthat we will invite. If it's supposed to be kinderbal, let's let the child decide who he wants to invite. We are not always up to date in situations between the child and colleagues. Often a moment can decide about sympathy or dislike. Let the child create such a list, prompting if we think that he missed someone, but absolutely not imposing the guest and / or not "forcing" the child to invite someone "because it falls" or "because it's your cousin / brother." It is different if it is our party and the child is "ordered" to organize play time for our guests' children. However, in this case, let's remember that if our little boy doesn't have a knack or want to "look after" anyone, let's leave the topic. Taking care of guests by force can cause that this type of party will be a negative association for him and a few years later the child will start sneaking out of the house for that time. Trust your child's knowledge, intuition and observation.

We are preparing an invitation

After establishing the guest list it is worth to prepare an invitation. Do not buy ready-made templates. On the internet are available hundreds of graphic programswith which we can easily design an individual invitation. We can insert a child's photo, a simple association with the type of party (Halloween pumpkin, fairy cap for St. Andrew's, streamers for New Year's Eve, etc.), content invented by the child or found on the internet. I assure you that you will design such an invitation lasts extremely short (up to 5 minutes), unless we are absolutely hesitant or want to experiment. Then we can make it a great fun together, which at the same time will show our child that the computer is not only used to play on it, and the Internet is not just social networks. Who knows, maybe we will awake in our child a future computer graphic designer or programmer ...? Let's give out invitations after printing at least 1-2 weeks before the planned admission. If it's a "hot" period in the calendar of each family let's do it even earlier. We are sure then that our guests' parents will plan this time so that our child's friends arrive at the party.

Home decoration

If we already have the planned number of guests, date, time interval, it is now worth focusing on refreshments, appropriate tableware and decorations that we intend to prepare. And here I also encourage you to prepare yourself. We can buy one-color plastic tableware (not only ordinary white ones are available, but also multi-colored, with patterns or single-colored, very aesthetically made). Let's give the child a chance to prepare a unique, personalized tableware. If he wants, he can sign the sets, thanks to which organizationally it will be easier to "embrace" cups and plates during the party, and guests will be glad that they were prepared especially for them.

Home decoration is such a broad topic that I leave you and your children an absolute field to show off ... However, it is worth reminding your child that you do not need to decorate the whole house if we plan the party only in the living room ... Nevertheless, if the child wants, he can decorate all the rooms in which there will be children, i.e. the host's room, living room and e.g. toilet.

How long should a party last for a child?

I recommend that a children's party lasts no longer than 120 minutes. It is a time during which children are able to play actively and manage to get tired. The shorter leaves too much unsatisfied, the longer risks fatigue, which can translate into quarrels in a peer group.

We can extend this time by a meal, cake or ceremonial giving gifts, but I recommend that it does not last longer than 30-40min. ATTENTION: If there is a child among the guests who will probably bring a modest gift, we should avoid giving gifts solemnly! This can create a very unpleasant and awkward situation not only for the recipient, recipient, but also for ourselves.

Refreshments for kinderbal

When planning a treat, consider: time of year, hourly interval (before lunch, after lunch, lunchtime), the age of the guests and the nature of the party. If you plan physical games, let's buy more drinks. It is known that the most common refreshments are chips, sticks, jellies, prunes, etc. It is worth it if we have the opportunity and desire to offer children more - dried fruit, compote or children's punch, sandwiches. Toast bread cut diagonally is great. Such "triangles" are happy to fall into children's hands. If the time of kinderbal coincides with the time of dinner, let's think about whether it is worth preparing a pizza (you can naturally order, but you can also quickly and cheaply prepare it yourself, buying a ready foundation, from tomato concentrate preparing a sauce, decorating the pizza with vegetables and cheese) or preparation leave the pizza to guests making it another fun (before we prepare the ingredients, we divide the finished foundation into smaller pieces). Such a pizza in the oven should spend no more than 15 minutes, so this is an interesting alternative to ready-made treats. Please tell me a child who doesn't like pizza? (it's like there was someone in the world who doesn't like cream cakes)

Party plan for children

The last, extremely important element is the preparation of space for play. Even if we are not sure - let's remove all valuable and fragile items. If we particularly care about it, so that children during the party do not use, for example, a computer, let's arrange it first with the son / daughter, and turn off or set a computer or desk, e.g. with flowers Almost always, the party plan is a bit "going apart" and during this time guests can get to unwanted entertainment. As a last resort, we can hide the laptop or even turn it off. It is obvious that all items on which we care a lot, and which may accidentally fall into the hands of children or simply be broken - take it to our bedroom or, if we do not have this opportunity, let us put into one place - forbidden for children. Of course, our child must be aware of the fact that "it is not allowed there" and why. They don't have to be vases or holiday figurines. I also mean correspondence, documents, prescription glasses and a collection of records.

Let's remember that it will be a time of kindergarten, children's games and madness. When preparing the space, we not only provide guests with security, but above all peace for themselves.

Let us involve your child in as many elements as possible. Preschooler can help with decorations, tableware, invitations, help with preparing refreshments (we can also order a senior citizen to slice products into a planned pizza), and of course in inventing and developing a party program - from the idea to specific games. Remember that if you are planning a competition form, you must prepare small prizes for the winners. Let's control the child's ideas, let them present us their ideas. Good praise, worse let us try to modify so that the child would still be happy with them, and we would be calm about their course. We are not crazy about prizes either. It's really enough for them to be, for example, Mamby. What would enrich them a bit, we can offer the child to wrap individual packages in gold or silver colored paper or crepe paper. He will then create gold and silver bars. It is a good idea that every place will be awarded the same, so the element of competition will not be leading. We will also avoid disappointment or even tears and despair thanks to such a solution. If we have a modest budget, we can ask the child to prepare gold and silver medals from cardboard and crepes. He can come up with their own name, describe it - full freedom.

A party for girls or boys?

Children of different ages group in specific configurations. And so preschoolers like to play together, but for about 7-8 years girls and boys prefer to separate and choose "same-sex" parties. It lasts until about the age of 14, when the best house seems to be a classic house party, without parents naturally.

I encourage and recommend to prepare themed parties. First, to a large extent they make it easier to set the menu, decide on the decoration, designs on the tableware or in the invitation, secondly - you can introduce costumes, costumes, characteristic elements, thirdly and most importantly - they provide an unforgettable experience! What is the pleasure to come to a chaotic party to a friend, get angry, nibble this and that, gobble with carbonated drinks, eat a piece of cake and go out? But participating in an organized game according to the theme, to which both the games and the environment are adapted is already something.

The easiest are parties for the upcoming holiday, like Halloween, St. Andrew's Day, St. Nicholas' Day, New Year's Eve, Carnival or Drowning Marzanna. It's worse if we organize a birthday party. Here are a few hints that I personally tested:

  • Common cooking (salads, sandwiches, pizza, jellies, etc.).
  • Old cinema (it is best to vacuum the slides, but now hardly anyone has them. Therefore, all you need is a sheet and a projector, or a TV. The most important is the choice of film and the atmosphere in the room), it can be combined with a pajama party. You can also use an interesting match to organize a joint support. Beauty salon (arranging hairstyles, composing unique dresses, painting nails, maybe makeup. All naturally under the control of an experienced mother or older sister).
  • Dance (e.g. in the style of chearleading with hand-made pompoms and disco music, girls can also make themselves blast dresses or shorts).
  • Attack in the garden, soldier's games.
  • Sport games (ball match, racing etc.).
  • All knights, racers, ninjas - if Dad or Mum has at least basic knowledge of some martial art, children will be delighted.
  • Karaoke.
  • In the style of game shows.
  • Detective with riddles.
  • Evening or afternoon board games.
  • Structural, construction (recommended especially for housewarming, then so many empty boxes remain ... With engineering enthusiasm, we can persuade children to make figure nets themselves, which they later cut out, stick together and create their own blocks for construction. I recommend making large blocks, with them is more fun )
  • ... bike trip with a picnic

Let's use the interest of our child and his / her friends. The children themselves will give us the idea for a perfect party.

You will say - everything is beautiful, but HOW should I organize my daughter and her friends in a chearleader style party in my 11 meter living room? And you are right. Choosing or inventing the theme of the party, you MUST translate it into the realities of the premises. It is impossible to make, for example, a knightly duel in an 11-meter room, as a dozen boys will be spectators. Therefore, if we do not have a large living room, garage or garden, we have a difficult task. But here is the place for our creativity and imagination. You will not organize a dance party, but you will no longer have a beauty salon or pajamas party with a movie screening! I am sure that together with your child you will come up with something wonderful, which not only you, but also your guests will remember for many years.
Remember that fun is the most important thing in all of this.