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The 3 stupidest comforting texts we speak to parents

The 3 stupidest comforting texts we speak to parents

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People tell them what saliva will bring to their language.

Sometimes they say certain sentences in good faith ... Unfortunately, the good intentions are hell paved.

There are also those who, by commenting on certain facts, try to show their superiority. We succeeded. We are happy. You have it differently, it can't be happiness.

1. Oh, my second daughter. The third time you will succeed!

Do you know it

I know perfectly well. I have two daughters. I have heard it hundreds of times in many ways, in many versions, with a smile, irony, kind of a joke, seriously, with feigned sadness, with an attempt to become affectionate, in a comforting, advisory or indisputable tone.

Versions are different: more or less gentle: "oh did you fail ...", "boy? No ... oh, what a pity, "" girl again? Hey ... I'll tell you how to make a boy "," the third time there will be a boy "," you have to keep trying "," you do not have parks, do not stop in efforts "," a real guy must father a son "," and what's the name, dad your husband will not be comforted "," you need a boy to be completely happy "," girl? he is depressed, with whom he will play football ”

After such comments, the interlocutor expects your reaction. It's best to smile and not enter into a discussion. This is not always possible, because each of us has a different sensitivity. One will ignore, the other will care.

In addition, the commentator often delves the topic further, and you feel obliged to reassure you of your happiness or inform you about the obvious facts that you love two daughters and you would not exchange any of them for even the most wonderful boy. Because they are your children.