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"The allergy's mother is cooking"

"The allergy's mother is cooking"

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"Mother allergy cooks" is a proposal from the known author of the blog of the same title. The edition takes the form of a beautiful cookbook in which photos play a key role - they are large, fit next to each recipe and cover one page. The edition fits perfectly with the needs of today's times, when most young children have different types of allergies.

In the book we will find 100 recipes without milk, eggs, nuts, soy, cocoa, honey and celery and 78 recipes without gluten. Each recipe has been described in terms of allergens, has information on preparation time and exact proportions. In addition, many recipes include dietitian advice on how old specific dishes can be served, or whether substitutes can be used, and when it's worth doing.

At the beginning there is a set of information about allergies, basic information about where allergens are located, how to avoid them, how to prevent deficiencies of valuable substances - e.g. iron, calcium.

The book is divided into several sections: breakfasts, soups, dishes with vegetables, dishes with meat, dishes with fruit, desserts, additions. Finally, there is a bibliography, list of footnotes, an index of dishes and acknowledgments.

The main advantage of this book is that it stayed really beautifully delivered. The book is hardback, the pages are slippery, thanks to which they do not stain so easily, each department has a separate color that allows you to easily find the recipe without looking into the list.

In addition, the recipes are collected here rather simple and universal, which do not require great introductions. Thanks to this book has a chance to check in the world of mothers who do not have much time.

Is there something that disappoints?

Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase several cookbooks dedicated to food allergies, and in almost all of them I found the same recipes for kale chips, millet milk, or krupnik with millet. Fortunately, in this publication, in addition to many universal and well-known "on the Internet" recipes, you can find more sophisticated proposals - for potato dumplings, chops with millet and beetroot, spelled waffles, etc.

Therefore, if we treat this book as a universal guide for mothers of small allergy sufferers, in which we find all the most important recipes - we will be pleased. However, if we are looking for a lot of new recipes in it, not available anywhere else - it may disappoint us a bit.