Attractive dads don't give their appearance to their sons

Attractive dads don't give their appearance to their sons

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Psychologists have found that the genes of both parents affect the attractiveness of their daughters. It looks quite different in boys who inherit their attractiveness from their mother, not their father.

Handsome men can pass on male characteristics to their son, but not the attractiveness of the face. According to the theory of professor David Perrett and professor Elisabeth Cornwell of the University of St. Andrews has no evidence that his father's attractiveness is passed on to his son. Meanwhile, it turned out at the same time that attractive men more often give birth to beautiful daughters, regardless of whether their partner is handsome or not.

Other research results gave an even more interesting conclusion. It turned out that physically attractive parents have a 26% greater chance of having a daughter than their son as their first child. Otherwise, "beautiful parents" have statistically more daughters than "ugly" ones.