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Bright Starts, colored circles

Bright Starts, colored circles

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Recently, I discovered the existence of a set of Bright Starts colored wheels on the market. Seemingly nothing interesting - a chain of 24 colorful plastic rings. However, if we look closely at the product, we will notice the enormity of possibilities that this practical toy brings.


A set of 24 wheels costs about 20 zlotys, so not much. The chain they create is a colorful set of multi-functional elements. You can treat each ring separately as teethers, the combined chain can be hung in a stroller, thanks to which our child will have a colorful toy. In addition, if we need to extend a toy, e.g. on an educational mat, so that the child can reach for it, we can use the wheels as carabiners.


I do not state.

I really regret that the first child did not know about the existence of these circles. I thought for a long time about buying my daughter for a stroller a chain consisting of teddy bears, rattles, etc. I didn't like anything, however, and eventually I didn't buy anything. Meanwhile, there is something on the market that is not only pretty, but also universal. 24 wheels are a really long chain. I don't have to use the whole to hang in a stroller. I can connect and attach as much as I want. For this I will easily keep the wheels clean.

I watch how my friend's daughter plays with these wheels. I must admit that it is a great toy, interesting teethers (they have different texture and hardness) and aesthetically made snap hooks - in one.

With a clear conscience I recommend. I buy myself for my second daughter!