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My child does not want to ride in a pram - LIST Readers

My child does not want to ride in a pram - LIST Readers

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"Do you know how irritating the view of politely sitting babies in prams, all those who immediately fall asleep located in the gondola, when your toddler does not behave like a" normal child "? Unfortunately, I know and I would like to share our history with you, maybe this way I will help someone. Maybe some mom or dad will read and understand that sometimes the children are like that and they can't be changed? And in this way will not try to make the same mistakes that I have on my conscience?

My son was born with an innate reluctance to all vehicles and forms of transport. From the first days of his life, he accepted only my arms, and later also my husband's hands. The walk was a great challenge for us - at first I was very rebellious and the situation irritated because there was only crying and loud protests. We tried different ways of rocking, raising the backrest, putting various toys and gadgets in the stroller, different times of going outside. Nothing helped. There was a protest, be it cold or warm, or the sun behind the clouds, or scattered on the pram's booth.

Someone gave us a "brilliant" idea to let my son cry ... Unfortunately, due to desperation and great fatigue, I gave up. It made matters worse, because just as his son was crying when he was put in the pram, he began crying from the moment he left the house when he realized it was time to walk. The result was that we all hated "this duty" and instead of relaxing together in the fresh air.

As a consequence, we spent the walk screaming or carrying a happy baby (when the weather allowed) and pushing the pram with the belly. I realize what it must have looked like.

I was only relieved when we bought a baby carrier. And it ended - I put my son inside before the walk, took the pram with me and put it away when he fell asleep in the gondola, thanks to which I gained freedom and relieved the spine. It was not an ideal solution, but certainly better than fighting a small child who did not want to "give way" for any treasures of the world.

My conclusions?

  • better to meet the child's needs than to fight them,
  • it's better to trust your child than to believe in the myths that every child likes to ride a wheelchair (I've heard it many times),
  • it makes no sense to blame yourself, but try to find yourself in a new situation,
  • a walk can be a real pleasure - there is always a solution - if you don't have a sling, it's a blanket and lying under a tree in the park when the weather permits.

Any child can like a walk, including an anti-wheelchair. "