Bear Patch contest

Bear Patch contest

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Dear readers, we are pleased by your every comment. We are very pleased that the site inspires you to speak and often heated discussions. For this reason, we would like to start this entry competition series rewarding especially active commentators.

Our idea is simple. On average, we will be every three weeks reward two people: one for the most interesting comment and the other which will leave the most substantive comments. We start the fun We end July 11 and the first round on July 31, 2012. After it, more are waiting for you ... That's why it's worth visiting us often to check, how we plan to distinguish commentators in the coming months.

We don't want to offer you ordinary prizes in the competition for top commentators. In this game you will be able to win products created by resourceful, talented Moms, who, through their passion, not only spend time on what gives them pleasure, but also earn some gold. The idea to introduce you to products created by yourself was inspired by our series of articles "Feminine passions". We hope that you support the idea of ​​promoting interesting initiatives and actively respond to it by commenting on articles.

We will not reveal what you can win in the coming months. We will share information about the rewards available now.

For July, we have prepared for you Two Charming Bears Patches: Mrs Misiowa and Mr Misia in colors referring to the graphic design of the portal. One of our readers sewed extraordinary friends especially for this competition. It is worth adding that after selecting the winners, Bears can become even more unique. By giving us the child's name, you will get a cute toy with the name sewn on. Details are available here.

Do you know talented moms? Be sure to write to us about it. We are waiting for your messages at: [email protected]

Details of the regulations are available here.

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