Latest promotions - where can you buy diapers at a promotional price?

Latest promotions - where can you buy diapers at a promotional price?

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Every parent likes to plan expenses. They are also happy about the savings that can be made on this occasion.

As every week, we present to you a list of the cheapest products - the list was created based on promotional brochures from major supermarkets.


  • Bebiko milk in Real 800 grams for PLN 28.99
  • Enfamil milk in Tesco 800 grams for PLN 45.99
  • Bebilon milk 1.2 kilogram in Tesco for PLN 54.99
  • Nestle porridge 210 g in Real at a price of 7.19 PLN in Tesco at a price of 5.99 PLN
  • DoReMi dishes in Real for PLN 5.89 and another 50% cheaper
  • BoboVita children's dishes 125 grams in Kaufland for PLN 2.45
  • BoboVita porridge in Real for PLN 5.39

Hygienic accessories

  • Bebbeto classic wet wipes in Net 3 × 72 pieces for PLN 9.99
  • Nivea wipes in Real 4 packs for PLN 19.99
  • wet wipes Cleaninc Kindii different types in Kaufland 3 packages PLN 9.99
  • Pampers Giant Box Plus diapers at Tesco for PLN 79.99 (mini - 148 pieces)
  • 400 ml Bobini liquid in Kaufland for PLN 5.95


Net 20-26.04.2015

Real 15-21.04.2015

Tesco 16-22.04.2015

Kaufland April 16-22, 2015