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Don't do this to your child! 6 parental mistakes

Don't do this to your child! 6 parental mistakes

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Apparently everything is simple: do not do to others what is unpleasant to you, and still in the relationship: adult: a child we make a lot of mistakes that we would not have made in any other. They often result from ignorance, insensitivity or belief that the child is "tiny and will not understand". Meanwhile, in any case, for no reason, it is not good for anyone!

Don't tell secrets!

The toddler tells just before bedtime how much he likes Zosia from the kindergarten group, a five-year-old shares a secret about what she hid in her magic box under the bed. In both cases, the information is transmitted under the cover of the night, with a conspiratorial whisper and with great confidence that she will be kept by her mum or dad.
Meanwhile, at the earliest opportunity, the parent, whether for lack of topics or just to pass the time, raises a hidden secret in public, with theoretically close people: grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, forgetting how important it is for a toddler. An adult does it as if he were telling a great joke ... and the child sits with a grumpy face and feels betrayed.

The child can hear!

How many times in different situations, whether during a conversation with a neighbor or a doctor, and even in the presence of a teacher at school, we talk about the child as if he was not next to him, as if suddenly deaf ...? "This my Jas does not let us live, does not listen at all, he is terribly stubborn. If it goes on like this, we'll all go crazy ... "" Eh, we have the same, it's pure Satan incarnate. No methods work ... "
It may seem to us that a child of one and a half years does not understand, but it is enough to look at the toddler, who after hearing his name strains and listens intently. This is what a yearling does. We can be sure that the words that his relatives say about him will not be indifferent to him ... Especially the words of criticism ...