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Dizolve - washing leaves

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Do you know the hypoallergenic Dizolve washing sheets (made in Canada)?

I learned about them relatively recently when we received a proposal to test the product. I agreed with pleasure, wonder how the product will work in practice.

First impression - "o, takes up little space", great to take on a trip, nothing will fall apart, can be used in washing machines and during hand washing. Simple and at the same time brilliant - this compact solution suits me (1 leaf weighing 3 g effectively corresponds to 40 g of concentrated washing powder).

The leaves are small and delicate, they can be easily divided into smaller parts. Fresh and delicate fragrance.

First of all, they are hypoallergenic, which is why they are great for sensitive skin. They do not contain phosphates and 1,4 dioxane. They dissolve well in water, do not settle in the washing machine or clothing.

In the package is included 12 leaves. It is recommended to use for one wash from half to two sheets, depending on how dirty the clothes are.

At the first wash, I kidnapped one leaf, which handled minor dirt, but couldn't cope with a larger stain. Adding another leaf did not allow the laundry to be washed, in the case of one of the stains I had to use a stain remover. Similarly, however, I have to deal with leading brands of washing powders, which is why this is not an objection to washing leaves.

Most important, however, is what the laundry looked like when it dried.

Clothing was soft and fragrant. This is very important, because many hypoallergenic agents used in our home leave clothes rough and uncomfortable to the touch. In the case of leaflets, the effect was great without the use of rinsing liquids!

Price around PLN 23 for 12 sheets.

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