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Are you paralyzed by the fear of giving birth? You can handle him like that!

Are you paralyzed by the fear of giving birth? You can handle him like that!

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Fear of childbirth is natural and its cause is complex. It can arise as a result of previous traumatic experiences or have a source in fear of the unknown.

Sometimes it accompanies the future mother throughout the pregnancy or clearly bothers just before the termination. It happens that it is the cause of the so-called emperor on demand. Sometimes, it takes such a form that it is impossible to pack over it and then it is referred to as panic fear of childbirth. How do you deal with these overwhelming feelings?

Fear of giving birth is natural

Theoretically, women have been giving birth to children for centuries. In the past they did it somehow on the occasion of everyday work. Today, however, the situation is much more complicated, a change in lifestyle, later motherhood and many threats to which a woman and a child are exposed, make fear of something completely natural appear.

Typical are the fears about the baby's health, the technical aspects of squeezing a newborn baby through a narrow birth canal, how the delivery will affect our appearance and well-being, whether we will be able to physically give birth to a child, whether there will be unexpected complications .

Unfortunately, science is not kind. And fear of giving birth, unpleasant in itself, it is also unfavorable because it extends the time of the child's birth.

A study was carried out in Norway with 2,206 pregnant women (over half with first child, average age 30). Researchers examined the level of fear felt by future mothers at 32 weeks of pregnancy. It turned out that between 5 and 20% complained of increased anxiety and it was these women who gave birth to an average of about 1 hour and 32 minutes longer than those ladies who trusted that she would be good and not afraid of giving birth. Unfortunately, this is not all, fear of giving birth doubles the risk of using ticks, a vacuum, or induction of labor during the birth of a child.

Fear of delivery:

  • can stop the labor,
  • can make the cramps more painful
  • extends the time of labor and delivery.

In this way, it was possible to confirm the relationship between fear of delivery and longer births, which at the same time increases the likelihood of perinatal complications. With this in mind, it's good to realize how great is the need to control fear of childbirth, accept emotions, and at the same time calm them down and relax before the baby is born.

How to deal with fear of delivery?

Before you go to the hospital to give birth to a child, prepare well for this day. Knowledge will be your weapon - taken from books, from conversations with a gynecologist, midwife. Do not listen to bloody stories of friends, get information from good sources. If you're afraid of pain, find out how to deal with it.

Remember that if the pain is too great, you can always ask for anesthesia, this thought should be comforting for you.

Look at the discomfort that will accompany you differently, not as an obstacle, but as a natural reaction of the body, which is necessary for the birth of the child. Pain during childbirth is necessary for the birth of a baby, so it's essentially your ally, not your enemy.

If you are afraid of medical interventions and ending delivery in the operating room where the Caesarean section will be performed, talk to your doctor about your concerns. Ask what you can do to reduce the risk of complications.

Finally - don't punish yourself for fear, don't blame yourself for being nervous. Give yourself the right to feel anxiety. By realizing what is happening to you, finding sources of fear, you have a better chance of controlling your overwhelming feeling and controlling it in such a way that it does not take control over you.