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Gommoli socks

Gommoli socks

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Children are afraid of the dark, and their anxieties manifest themselves at various stages of development. Sometimes a simple lamp over the head or a lighted cuddly toy are not enough to cope with the baby's fear. Then, simple and at the same time solutions can come to the rescue. For example, Gommoli socks, which are not only warm and made of really good material, they glow in the dark, showing that fear has ... big eyes.

We tame the darkness

Gommoli socks is an offer from the Polish manufacturer: Wola, which offers socks and tights glowing in the dark. These are not products that belong to pseudo glowing toys, but actually a solution that brightens the darkness. Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to see how "stars" and the moon are not glued to the door in my daughter's room, which is why I had a lot of fear that these socks would not work and would be similar to stupid toys. Fortunately, the test showed something different.

Size Chart

A big plus is for size. Socks are available for children from birth to two years. On sale there are sizes 12-14 (i.e. 56-62) and further: 15-17, 18-20, 20-22, 23-25, 26-28 and 29-31. Children can wear socks up to the age of six.


The socks are equipped with anti-slip, so you can run freely without them, without fear that the toddler will unexpectedly lose his balance.

Rich design

Gommoli socks are available in a wide selection of colors. For older children you can find more bold designs (depicting various fears), and for younger ones: teddy bears, bunnies or dolls.


The price may not be the lowest (around 8 zlotys), but the socks are made of good quality material, so it's worth spending this amount on even one or two pairs.

My impressions

Socks proved to be perfect outside the home, when the daughter was running barefoot on vacation in the room in which we decided to sleep. They were a pleasant surprise for her while falling asleep in a foreign cot and room. Socks are a proposition from a Polish company, which additionally convinces me, because I like to support local entrepreneurship :)