Who avoids vaccinating children? Why do parents not want to vaccinate children?

Who avoids vaccinating children? Why do parents not want to vaccinate children?

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Last year, the number of parents who do not vaccinate children increased by 66%. According to information from the National Institute of Public Health, in 2014, no more than 12,000 were vaccinated kids. Sociologist from the University of Warsaw, dr Tomasz Sobierajski emphasizes that people are the most reluctant to be vaccinated well situated and educated. Sanepid, who has so far underestimated the situation, now notices that "the problem is getting bigger," so he intends to "more effectively enforce the obligation to vaccinate children."

What does it look like in the United States, where it all began, where the reluctance to vaccinate is large, and the number of punctures in children is greater than in Poland? In some private schools it is not vaccinated up to 80% of children. People who are reluctant to receive vaccines are usually well-placed, inquisitive and seeking information on their own.

Epidemiologists in Poland recognize the need organize training for pediatricians. According to them, there is no reliable discussion between the patient and the specialist.

The National Association for Vaccination Knowledge "Stop NOP" notes that the reasons for refusing vaccination are different. The survey conducted by people from the Association among people refusing vaccination gives a different picture of the situation. And so it turns out that the basic factors for which parents do not want to vaccinate children, vaccination either selectively or with delay are:

1) Information on risk 70.58%
2) Loss of trust in doctors and officials 59.95%
3) NOP (adverse vaccination reaction) in close 40.62%
4) NOP in a child 38.38%
5) Ethical considerations 34.44%
6) Consultation with a doctor 9.81%
7) I vaccine, but selectively 8.16%

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