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Attractions by the sea - what to do when the weather is bad?

Attractions by the sea - what to do when the weather is bad?

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Polish sea and long, because counting 770 km coastline they are tempting in late spring and summer, no wonder - they are beautiful and ideal for children - extensive, with a small, delicate flat. Some also visit the Polish sea in late autumn and winter ...

There are no equally sandy and wide beaches in Europe, Polish beaches are considered to be particularly beautiful- they are not comparable with the rocky beach of Croatia or Greece and usually a narrow beach in Bulgaria, admittedly sandy, but not as beautiful and extensive as in Poland.

The problem in our country is only the weather, because rest on the Baltic Sea is unfortunately roulette. You have to be prepared for tropical heat or cold, rainy days - unfortunately, nothing is certain, except maybe that the Baltic Sea will welcome us cold, even during high temperatures.

What to do when the weather is bad? How to spend time when the sun is hidden behind the clouds? What are the most important seaside attractions?

beach by the Polish sea

Polish beaches are wide, often over 100 meters, there is no problem with walking on the sea shore, we can go on as long as our legs hurt ... Nobody will interrupt us in this walk - the beaches are not fenced, assigned to hotels. You can endlessly have fun, make baby, create sand castles, play football, walk and sunbathe safely.

What attractions can we find on the Baltic Sea?

Attractions by the sea

  • gdańsk - a beautiful Polish city, full of tourists in the summer season. A walk over the Motława will lead us to the Crane - a showcase of Gdańsk. From under this building a ship leaves every ten minutes, which takes to Three Granaries on the Island of Ołowianka. It is also worth going for a walk along Mariacka and Długa streets. It may also be interesting to visit the Hewelianum Center, where interactive exhibitions are available. Westerplatte, the Wisłoujście Fortress, Gdańsk Oliwa with historic organs and a beautiful park are a must for older children.
  • Gdynia - the largest seaport in Poland, it is also worth visiting here the Oceanographic Museum and the Marine Aquarium. Gdynia is also the symbols of ORP Błyskawica and Dar Pomorza.
  • Sopot - a very famous city, a showcase of the coastal areas, the promenade - Monciak (together with the Crooked House created in 2003) and the pier - these are the main points that you must not forget about here.
  • Darłowo and the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle - with many exposures,
  • rozewie - about 3 km from the center of Jastrzębia Góra there is a lighthouse with a branch of the Lighthouse Museum,
  • Helium and sealarium - the most interesting at feeding time.
  • Kolobrzeg with a lighthouse and historic tenement houses, as well as a mineral museum.
  • Łeba and Słowiński National Par - moving dunes to a unique phenomenon, being in these areas, it is worth to see them. 10 km from Łeba there is also a See Park, where you can have fun in bad weather - there is a museum, oceanarium, miniature park, dexterity park and many other attractions.
  • Ustka and fishing houses - it is a very charming place, there is also a lighthouse and the Bread Museum,
  • Rewal and Nadmorska Narrow Gauge Railway and Whale Park,
  • Dziwnów - Seaside Park of Miniatures and Railways.

For more information, please visit our Family Friendly Places Map.

Resting at the Polish sea, despite the inclement weather, can be successful! There is a lot to see and visit!