32 weeks of pregnancy

Are you getting tired more and more? Do you fancy putting on your favorite skirt that you can't fit in for a long time or crazy cycling? Soon your baby will be born and you will quickly realize that after this wonderful event the world looks different (read more). You will also change, though certainly not immediately ...


At 32 weeks pregnant it weighs an average of 1800 grams, the head circumference is 29-30 cm and the belly circumference 27 cm. The foot length is 6.5 cm.
The child reacts actively to sound. He can distinguish the different sounds coming to him. He can move after hearing the music or when przemawiasz. The child reacts to bright light.

The waking and sleeping cycle is getting longer. During this period up to about 30 minutes of alternating periods of immobility and activitybones. During the activity phases, it will be not uncommon to kick straight into the ribs.
In boys, the testicles descend towards the scrotum.
At this stage, the baby's head is usually at the bottom, ready for labor. If the toddler is in the buttock position, he still has time to change his position. Most babies in this position will turn around to get their head down before delivery.


Your stomach is so big that it won't be rare balance fluctuations, and the simple steps will cause you a problem. Don't be shy to get help. Ask them to tie their shoes if you don't have the strength to bend down, and leave the lifting of heavy nets for the time when you have more strength.

All the time, closely watch the signalsthat your body gives you. If your legs swell, you have stomachaches, nausea and headaches, tell your doctor everything. This may mean that it starts with you preeclampsia. Terrible, so you need to react quickly to him!
If it teases you so much heartburn, the way to tame it can be frequent eating small portions and drinking a large amount of mineral water. In turn, if you feel uncomfortable because colostrum comes out of your breasts, don't hesitate to wear breast pads that will keep you fresh.

What is worth remembering?

Looking forward to buying many accessories for your baby? Well, let's do it! You can do it right now. There are many important decisions ahead of you - buying a stroller, cot, car seat. If you are expecting your first child, you may have a lot of trouble making good decisions. However, if this is your next toddler, you certainly know that instead of a three-function stroller, buying a stroller and a deep stroller is much better. If you're going through the second time, you probably already have your parent hits and kits to help you with your shopping. Also check our list of reviewed articles and their ratings on the site.

You can also start complete a baby clothes expedition (of course if you are not superstitious). Remember to be healthy in moderation. Some mothers think that it is better to have more clothes and do not have to do the laundry every now and then, that it is better to have a few pairs of rompers, because a toddler grows up quickly. No matter what you decide, remember that you will also get a lot of clothes as a gift.

From mom's diary

Do you know what it is like to lose your breath and feel limited, and at the same time can't wait to see a baby? Exactly. I feel that way. I already have all my pregnancy in my nose. I don't feel well in any position. I still have to reckon with someone feeling sorry for me and I hate compassion so much.

I know I shouldn't, but I do it: I compare the size of my stomach to other pregnant women. I still think my stomach is not that big. I even ask the gynecologist about this. He disagrees with me and says that the belly is big and exactly as it should be. I love the doctor for always saying exactly what will calm me down.

This time at birth school, the topic is not very nice. Midwives and then the doctor talk about what may go wrong during delivery. It's about ticks, caesarean section and everything else. You do not want to ask questions, "because we will not talk about pathology." Once again, it is confirmed that free (financed by the City Hall), birthing school was not a good choice in our case ...

From dad's diary

I turned off on the subject of ticks. I confess without beating. Maybe I shouldn't, but I prefer not to hear about it ... If this happens, there will be such a need and I will not influence it, I will not change it, I will not do anything about it, I will not prohibit the doctor, I will not try to discuss it with him. It will happen. If it is to be this way, it will be so, regardless of whether it wants or not ... My knowledge on this subject is superfluous. I will be with her, I will support her, but I prefer to think positively.

I am still of the opinion that this birthing school, which we hit, because probably not all, is pointless ...

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