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Dad's present at the Caesarean section? This should be the standard

Dad's present at the Caesarean section? This should be the standard

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Childbirth by caesarean section can be planned (for medical reasons or the so-called emperor's request), a decision about him can also be made in during childbirth attempts naturallywhen there is a risk to the child or mother.

In some hospitals, the decision about the presence of a loved one at the emperor is made depending on the birthing situation, it happens that you need a daddy in the operating room pay extra (PLN 100-200). In others, only a woman has access to the delivery room, it is not possible to accompany the operation, in yet other facilities - this is a standard (dads can be present at delivery in some Warsaw hospitals, Rzeszów, Szczecin, Central Clinical Hospital in Katowice, etc.). If daddy is ready to be with the child's mother, the staff gives him that opportunity.

In Poland, the decision about the presence of the father during childbirth remains the responsibility of the hospital. In the west it has been a standard for many years. Time to change it?

Joanna mentions on one of the forums:

I gave birth through CC because of previous uterine surgery. My husband was with me from the moment I was put on the operating table (my husband did not see anesthesia), until our daughter was taken for weighing, measuring and heating. He sat next to me on the right and held my hand, I felt supported and I felt better. There was no blood, no trauma, my stomach was separated from us by a blue sheet. When my daughter was pulled out of my stomach, my wonderful anesthesiologist took the camera from my husband's hands and started shooting such more "real" photos of the baby. Nobody asked him to, he was just nice and wanted to. I had skin-to-skin contact with my child 30 minutes after birth. I gave birth in the USA 18 months ago.

Dad at the emperor?

We are asked if they would like a partner, friend or other close person to accompany them during a cesarean section, they usually answer yes. Most indicate that wants the same rights as those giving birth naturally (in 99% of cases giving birth naturally someone accompanies).

Opponents of this solution point out that emperor is an operation and it is necessary to maintain security standards.

Daria, anonymously on one of the forums, writes:

From the point of view of the midwife and doctors, I will write like this: until recently, in our hospital, the father could wait at the newborn's corner for his toddler (the corner is located in the same room as the operating room), however, curiosity and uncultural culture as some fathers led to preventing this. They wanted too much to know and see what doctors are doing with the surgical field (i.e. the abdomen) of their woman, and the Caesarean section is unfortunately an operation. All aseptic and antiseptic principles must be observed. Probably, if the fathers were still waiting politely at the newborn's corner, maybe this ban would not have happened. I will not deny that for many accompanying persons this is harmful. best regards

And this is the way - in many hospitals, future dads receive a short training that prepares them for this important event. In addition, they are required to wear protective clothing.

And what do you think about it? Dads should be able to accompany their partner during childbirth?