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Psoriasis in children

Psoriasis in children

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Psoriasis is genetic disease, so if someone around us is struggling with her, it should be assumed that our child will be exposed to her.

The causes of this disease are not entirely known, although they are supposed to be the culprit irregularities in the human immune system, skin irritations and susceptibility to diseases.

Psoriasis is not a disease affecting only adults, a significant number of cases in children are increasingly observed. Psoriasis in children can bother parents very much. However, is there really a reason for stress?

Psoriasis in children: symptoms

Psoriasis in children manifests itself very much like in the elderly and with proper care can disappear and not create problems.

Psoriasis in children accepts silver scales (psoriasis vulgaris) appears on the arms, legs and neck or dark red patches all over the body (dripping psoriasis). It can also take the form of quite serious changes on the hands and feet in the form of pimples filled with pus, very painful (pustular psoriasis).

Most often, however, it appears in children diaper psoriasis, occurs on the buttocks, and its main cause is irritation through urine and stool. This change is also often confused with skin inflammation.

Psoriasis is quite troublesome for the toddler, because the changes that appear on the skin cause a feeling severe itching, the child often scrambles them, which leads to a deterioration of the skin. When you see these types of symptoms, you should contact your pediatrician as soon as possible to determine the appropriate treatment methods.

Treatment of psoriasis in a child

For the treatment of psoriasis is used special ointments: salicylic, saline, urea, antraline and retinoids, which, unfortunately, can cause side effects, so you should use them in strict medical supervision and for a short time.

A less invasive method of combating psoriasis is the daily proper care of the toddler's skin and the use of appropriate cosmetics on psoriasis available in the pharmacy, which reduce itching and fully eliminate diseased skin.

How to help a child suffering from psoriasis?

It is very important that the toddler he always had moisturized skin, it cannot be over-dried. It is also important to ensure that the child does not scratch the skin and the affected areas are not exposed to abrasions, cuts or irritation.

Also, do not overheat the child, clothing should be light, cotton and airy. Phototherapy treatments and a bath with sea salt are also recommended.

Psoriasis is an incurable disease, however, proper care and proper treatment may prevent the child from feeling its presence. The child should be under the constant care of a doctor, but every day he can lead a normal lifestyle, no different from that of healthy children.

And most importantly, let's not be afraid of psoriasis or its people, it is not a contagious disease.


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