Breastfeeding again. Controversies?

It was about long breastfeeding, now I am giving you a small combination. Look at the pictures and topics below, loosely related to the theme. What do you think about them

Let's have fun feeding

Breast Milk Baby is an original toy, although at first glance it resembles an ordinary baby, which is quite a lot in stores. However, when we look closely, it suddenly turns out to be a rather interesting proposition.

The doll is sold with mini bra and two flowers, which have imitate nipples. After attaching to the colorful flower, the doll begins to emit a sucking sound, and after feeding, it cries until it is reflected.

The toy before its launch a year ago aroused much controversy. Petitions, objections and open letters arose. She was considered unsuitable for a few years old.

And what do you think about it? Would you like your children to play with such a doll?

What is the difference between this doll and those sold with the bottle?


I showed this photo to a few relatives. Reactions were different. I wonder what you would say for a photo shared on Facebook Breastfeeding?

What is tastier?

And finally, Oreo cookie advertising. How do you understand her Will the child break away from the breast to eat a cake? What did the originator of this ad mean? Has he used the breastfeeding motive for a specific purpose? What?