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Why is the child daddy?

Why is the child daddy?

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The title question may sting your eyes. Seem to be unfortunate, unsuccessful, poorly worded. Unfortunately, however, it reflects the emotions still present in society. Belief that the mother is a parent of a higher category, more significant, necessary and irreplaceable, because there is nothing like mother, mother understands best child ... is still very strong. And the upbringing of children, despite the passage of years, still in many families rests on the shoulders of women. Mum can do more. Definitely.

Dad is important but often underestimated

It is difficult for mothers to take away all the merits, including those that really belong only to them, for example breastfeeding, but it is impossible not to notice that dad is equally important for the child. It shapes attitudes and world view, provides support and an excellent balance in the family. Without a wise attitude of the father ... children lose a lot.

You can exercise hard, try to be political, gentle, but some needs just can't be crossed out. They exist, whether we like it or not. And for a good upbringing of a child, mom and dad are necessary, ideally - when they are together and together they determine the model of conduct. Life, however, often shows something different ...

Sometimes it's the men's fault

You don't have to look for examples of fathers who they bring their duties down to having a child that is otherwise pleasant. Such immature men Unfortunately, there is no shortage.

You can often hear that children are a women's matter, that the mother is biologically prepared to provide better care, she has more patience, she simply has it easier.

Of course, this is not true, because excluding the first months of the child's life, when the breastfeeding mother is indeed irreplaceable, for the next few years the father can and should actively participate in raising children. In no way inferior to a woman, one can be as present in the life of a child as she is.

Meanwhile, very often the father does not want to look after the child, even in rare situations, when the mother who is caring every day has to leave. Instead of just using this time to get to know each other better, dads often choose their grandmother's number first. Often, under any pretext, they leave their children out of the house for the whole day to ... have a problem with their heads before the children 's mother returns. This clearly shows their attitude towards their own offspring.

Unfortunately, they rarely realize that their attitude has a specific impact on children's development. The toddler feels a lack of support on the part of one parent, the apparent relationship breaks down quickly and the lost time cannot be made up. Of course, building trust is possible, but it can be very difficult.

Why is the child a father?

The father has many roles and tasks in the family. Primarily:

  • is a model of masculinity for daughter and son,
  • provides a sense of security for the whole family,
  • is the first role model
  • shows the purpose of human life,
  • his attitude gives a model of partner love,
  • teaches children social behavior,
  • motivates to develop, to be brave,
  • puts requirements and is consistent in it,
  • inspires self-improvement and self-improvement.

Numerous studies have confirmed that children growing up without fathers are more prone to depression, more often they have problems at school, they have a problem with self-acceptance, they seek confirmation of their value in a group of peers, that's why they are susceptible to suggestions, manipulations etc. And those whose fathers actively participate in the lives of children are more confident, more active, willing to personal development and risking, which is necessary to reach the next stage of development.

That is why it is worth fighting, where possible, for the support of fathers in the process of raising children, for the active participation of daddies in the care of offspring, for a good division of duties - which is done for the benefit of both parties. It also requires a wise attitude of the mother of the children - openness to the presence of the father in upbringing, kindness, culture also in these difficult everyday moments when we are guided by tiredness and impatience. It is worth keeping calm and working on these to ensure that relationships are correct. For the good of the child.


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