"Flying with a child is an expression of parent's egoism! You must forbid it "

Probably everyone who has ever traveled by plane knows this - crying baby, hysteria of several-year-olds, spasms of children who do not want to sit, whining and ... the inability to escape from all this to try to survive a flight in relative peace and quiet.

Everyone is condemned to their company, and the small area means that the behavior of a fellow passenger can be very annoying, and there is also lack of patience with children. There are significant glances of the people sitting next to them, sympathetic sighs, or even a direct attack - "when I had a small child I went to the Baltic Sea, and did not push myself into the tropics ..."

For years, heated discussions have been taking place between supporters of "normal, unrestricted life with young children", as well as traveling and those who claim that long flights with a child are unnecessary and should be kept to a minimum and even banned. She emphatically put these thoughts into words of a journalist known in the West, who in one of the talk shows said: "Is it really necessary to take a small child on a long flight? I think this is a sign of parental egoism. Flowing from people who insist on not giving up their former lifestyle. They forget that they have small children ... "

She immediately proposed to create, apart from first class, business flights "free of small children". This is another place that is planned to be closed to the youngest - just behind cafes and restaurants.

Is it good idea? What do you think