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Layette for newborn Maltex Baby

Layette for newborn Maltex Baby

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What to buy a couple who are expecting a child? Most often, the choice falls on small things - stuffed animals, teethers, clothes. Meanwhile, to really ease future parents' expenses, it's worth choosing something that will be practical, nice and prepared especially for the first months of childcare - not toys "for later", because the newborn is too small to see them, not a series of clothes "exuberant", which may get lost somewhere in the wardrobe, but ideal product from the first days of a child's life. At such times, sets specially created for a gift, so-called layettes, work.

One of the most interesting is layette for newborn Maltex Baby. Is this a good product? Trustworthy? Practical and simply pretty?

We test for you the Maltex Baby layette set.

Layette for the newborn Maltex Baby - everything necessary for bathing and more

Layette from Maltex Baby is an interesting and very practical giftthat works well for people expecting a baby or new parents. After the initial declaration that the baby will receive a baby bath from his aunt / grandmother / friend, you can ask future parents about the preferred color and choose a set in the indicated range of colors (4 colors are available).

The main advantage of this set that makes it stand out on the market is effective packaging - solving the issue of possible decorative paper, as well as creates great solution for traveling.

Carrying bag can be used during a weekend trip, rest with the family, or during the holidays. Makes moving the bathtub very easy and extremely comfortable.

What can we find in the layette?

tested Maltex Baby set

The Maltex Baby layette includes:

  • convenient and durable carrying bag
  • baby bath equipped with a non-slip mat and a very practical drain plug
  • bath tub seat with non-slip mat
  • temperature indicator
  • newborn gum brush
  • soft hairbrush
  • bathrobe with washer,
  • bath book,
  • thermo-packaging into the bottle

the center of the tub with a non-slip mat and a stopper

A common problem with so-called sets is that after unpacking, it turns out that the individual components are not of the best quality. Writing directly, we realize that it would be better to compose them yourself. This set is out of the question for this set. They are all of great quality, and the attractive price of the set makes it simply profitable to buy the whole set rather than individual components.

Maltex Baby bathtubs are available in four stylish colors

All accessories - from the gum brush / massager to the towel are best quality. They have been completed in such a way that they not only look nice in a transparent packaging and perfectly compose with each other, but above all, that they are functional.

The Maltex Baby bathtub is very comfortable:

  • has a comfortable cork that protects against unnecessary wearing and overloading the spine,
  • has additional indentations - enabling placing liquids on them,
  • has a bath insert / seat - great for bathing the smallest children up to 6 months old, enriched with a non-slip mat for safety,
  • non-slip area in the bath tub - has an impact on safety and allows a quiet bath for even the smallest babies,
  • the tub is large enough to be used for several months (dimensions: 92x58x28 cm)

The price of the layette set - 120 PLN

In addition to the bathtub you can buy a stand - very stable and convenient for everyday use. It has three-stage height adjustment (height can be adjusted for tall and short people), practical shelves adapted to the outflow of water and additional security. It can also be folded and conveniently stored. The product received a positive test result by TÜV Rheinland.

Website of the bathtub manufacturer - here.