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Is it worth buying a playpen for a child? Read before you buy!

Is it worth buying a playpen for a child? Read before you buy!

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A growing child is a big challenge for parents, especially when it comes to his safety. There is nothing to cheat - you can not be with the child all the time and protect against the danger of the world. Added to this are household duties or activities that prevent a child from participating in them. Parents cope differently, often using baby carrier, cot, playpen gadgets. And I decided to look at the last one.

Is it worth buying a playpen for a child? Is he safe? And what will be the best?

What is a playpen and why do I need it?

An example of a wooden pen

A playpen is a place where you can put your child to stay in it alone. Is a kind of barrier between a child and a dangerous space, while giving him the opportunity to play and observe the environment. His main task is simply to provide the curious toddler with safety without direct adult supervision.

Playpen for children - buy? Arguments for yes

There are many opinions about using pens. Like everything that concerns a child, this product should be used in moderation.

Playpen to be emergency exit at the time of urgency (cooking dinner, cleaning floors, going to the toilet). We use it only at times when the child may be in danger and we cannot be close. In addition, a short stay in the pen teaches the child to play independently and deal with separation from parents. In addition, the playpen can help you learn to stand up and walk on your own. It is also a good solution when you need to separate your child from animals (dogs, cats) or "war" siblings.

Tourist playpen

Maybe it's better not to buy?

Some associate a playpen with a prison. The child looks at the world through the bars (rungs, grid), in addition, his development is limited and he can not explore the surrounding world on his own. In addition, long, all-day stay in the playpen isolates the child not only from the environment, but also the household.

The playpen has its supporters and opponents, but there are no studies that clearly show that staying in the pen for a short period of time is harmful to the child. If we use it wisely within reason, it will only be useful for the child.

When is the child ready for the playpen?

If the playpen is to be used as intended - create a safe space for play, the child should be large enough to move independently (crawl, crawl, roll, walk), although it is worth getting your toddler used to the pen before it happens.

At the beginning, the child must be helped to get used to the new place and to live independently. In order not to scare the baby, 5 minutes of play in the pen in the company of a parent is enough - gradually we extend this time and move away, observing the reaction of the child. The child must be put in the playpen when it is calm and associate this place with nice fun.

Why a playpen for a child? Is not enough a cot?

Let's explain at the beginning that a playpen is not an essential element of the homein which the toddler is staying. It is only to facilitate the care of parents and ensure their children safety. Certainly it will not work in a small apartment - in which it will take up too much space. Often, in this situation, the cot acts as a pen. This is a good solution, but it has its drawbacks.

The cot is used to sleep and by allowing the child to play in it, we give a signal that you do not have to sleep in it, even when the parent expects something else. Cots are usually smaller than pens, placed from the comfort (so that the child can sleep peacefully), which limits the fun and observation of the parent from a distance. The advantage of the pen is its massiveness, you can jump in it without fear and gives you more opportunities to play.

Which pen to choose?

The choice of playpen is largely a matter for parents individually. Size and shape (square, rectangle) - depends on the space we have at home. Children's playpen it can't be too small, you must take into account that the toddler is growing and must have a play space in it (minimum 125 × 80). The pen's weight is important, too heavy it will be impractical to move, and too light it may be less stable.

Manufacturers offer various types of playpens: the most popular are wooden and mesh pens.

Playpen for children: wooden or mesh?

Wooden pens are more durable, they can be of large sizes, which we determine ourselves, adding only the element. There are also wooden pens reminiscent of standard cots, but their size is slightly larger. To protect against hard rungs you need to buy an additional protector.

However, mesh pens enjoy greater recognition among parents. The playpen made of mesh usually has all hard elements secured, so there is no fear that the toddler will get a tumor, the leg will get stuck between the rungs and the toy will fall out.

When buying a pen it is worth paying attention to its base - it should be soft or buy a suitable mattress. An additional advantage of the pen are wheels that allow its easy and efficient movement.

When buying a baby playpen (especially the one made from mesh), it is better to avoid colored drawings on the mesh and material covers. This will limit the child's field of vision and observation of what is happening outside the pen and may arouse reluctance to use it. It is also worth paying attention to additional elements such as: handles for which the child can get up, pockets for storing toys, interactive elements (mirror, rattles, squeaks, etc.).

Did you use the pen? What models do you recommend?


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