Best gifts for Fanka Elsa and Anna from "Frozen"

Best gifts for Fanka Elsa and Anna from "Frozen"

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"Ice Land" premiered in November 2013. It's been two years since the movie hit cinema screens. Despite this, his popularity is not weakening, and millions of small children around the world enthusiastically play Anna and Elsa, play roles with Olaf and other przesympatyczna heroes.

Toys associated with "Ice Land" disappear from the shelves like hot cakes, although they are more expensive, they are very popular. There is no shortage of fans and fans of adventurous sisters.

Here is a list that is worth considering when you have a little girl at home singing "I have this power ..." :)

A deep cart with Ice Land motif

The stroller is ideal for the youngest children who have finished one year. Maintained in style, with a dominant blue color.


About PLN 150

Ice Land - Ice Cream Parlor

Like Ice Land ... it's an ice cream shop and fun in the shop. Known :)

A toy ideal for children from 2 years.


Price around PLN 148

Frosty Elsa Doll

This is the most often chosen doll for young fans of "Ice Land". Elsa is dressed in a beautiful blue dress, she is wearing a crown and the function of "freezing light" in her hand. It allows you to play endlessly at Elsa, who "has this power" and releases her, creating a castle of snow and ice. Toy for children from 3 years old.


Price around PLN 100

Wall calendar Elsa and Anna

Calendar with nice Heroes of Ice Land for 2016?


Price: around PLN 25

Olaf figurine with sounds

Lift Olaf's head and it will make characteristic sounds, push it and it will slide like in the snow, the figurine has wheels and is carefully prepared with the mapping of all details.


Price: 89 PLN

Monopoly Elsa and Anna Board Game

Or maybe the iconic game in a new version? Perfect for five-year-old children and older?


Price: 90 PLN

Elsa's launcher

Feel like Elsa? This toy makes it possible - a special glove lets you shoot snow or water.

cost about 117 PLN


Magic Skater Anna

Anna ice skating? Here she is.


About 112 zlotys

Singing Anna

Anna can also sing beautifully. This toy also .... it's a pity, however, that in English.

The cost is PLN 113


Anna Transformation Doll

Fill the magic bottle with cold water and spray Anna's crown and dress to make it magically change.


Price around PLN 100

Olaf figurine

Like in the movie, in this toy Olaf's head and hands are disconnected, all you have to do is press the button. An interesting proposition for a girl or a boy ...


about 85 zlotys

Olaf's arcade game

The game is about screwing Olaf into the barrel and sliding the magic swords in turn, waiting for Olaf to pop out.


Price around 55 zlotys

Ice Country in a Christmas edition

And ironing from the Zielona Sowa Publishing House. Maybe it will appeal to fans of "Ice Land"?


Price: around PLN 18

Song book

The booklet includes Polish song lyrics and instrumental versions of hits.

The cost is about PLN 28


Iceland Karaoke

There are 8 soundtracks on the album, ideal for singing.


The cost is about 20 zlotys

Which proposal do you like the most? Ie. Your children? ;)