Cheaper shopping for the whole family

Cheaper shopping for the whole family

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You can save up to several dozen zlotys on weekly purchases. We checked where you can do it at the beginning of September. Among the current promotions you will not only find cheaper notebooks and books ...


  • Active Baby diapers for Mega Pack in Real we will pay 84.95 (one diaper: 0.57 groszy). On the other hand, at Tesco, we will pay 87.99 instead of 119.99 for the large packaging of these diapers. And Pampers Premium Care diapers at Super Pharm for 44.99 instead of 49 PLN.
  • Babydream nappies in Rossmann for 19.99 instead of 21.99.
  • Pampers Sleep and Play diapers in Net for 24.99.
  • Huggies nappies at Super-Pharm all sizes for 32.99 instead of 39 zlotys.
  • Cleanic baby wet wipes for the price of 7.26 and you will receive a second pack for a penny in Real. The cost of one package: 3.63. The same wipes in Super-Pharm 4 op. plus 2 op. free for 19.99 instead of 25 PLN.
  • Pampers wet wipes (full offer) in Rossmann instead of 25.99 we will pay 23.99.
  • washing powder Dzidziuś in Real for 1.9 kilograms we pay 14.99, and in Net for 2.4 kilograms 29.99. A Lovel diaper washing milk in Net for 1.5 liters 18.99 (in Super-Pharm the same milk for 19.99. At the same price as Lovel powder 1.8 kg).
  • Nivea Baby anti-chafing cream in Rossmann for 9.99 instead of 13.69, and Nivea Baby shampoo or lotion at 13.99 instead of 14.49.


  • baby milk Bebilon 2,3,4 in Real for 38.95.
  • milk Nestle junior cardboard box in Rossmann for 2.49 instead of 2.99.
  • Nestle Junior milk 600 grams plus 100 grams for free 26.99.
  • Gerber milk a set of 2 × 350 grams at Super-Pharm for 19.99.
  • Gerber's dinner (whole offer) cheaper in Rossmann: at a price of 4.69.
  • buying any two Bobovita porridges, in Rosmann at the checkout we will receive a can for storing porridges for free
  • Hipp fruit (various types) 2 plus (125g) 1 free in Net for 6.99.
  • BoboFrut juices 3 plus 1 free in Net for 9.99.
  • Hipp tea 2 times 500 ml in Net for 8.99.


  • you will pay 69.95 instead of 99 zlotys for the Scrabble puzzle game in Real.


  • Lovi bottle at Super-Pharm for 18.99 instead of 23 zlotys and Lovi dynamic silicone teats for 16.99 instead of 23 zlotys.


  • Two long-sleeved blouses for a girl or boy in Lidl for 19.99 (from size 86/92)
  • Down vest with hood and blouse in Lidl for 34.99.
  • Pants for girl or boy in Lidl for 19.99.
  • Baby body Disney and Hello Kitty with long sleeves in Biedronka for 9.99.

Duration of the promotion
Auchan 29.08.2012
Real from 30.08. until 5.09.2012
Tesco from 30/08 to 09/09/2012
Rossmann from 31.08
Lidl from 30.08
Net 27.08 to 2.09.
Biedronka from 30.08