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Mommy, how beautiful you are: overcome solar discoloration!

Mommy, how beautiful you are: overcome solar discoloration!

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After summer madness, our skin requires special care from us. Autumn is approaching quickly, which promotes the renewal of the body. The darker glow that remained on our skin as a memory of summer holidays makes us happy, but when we look at it carefully, we can discover less attractive changes - discoloration.

Discoloration of the cause

There are many reasons for the appearance of skin lesions: the effects of drugs, cosmetics, frequent sun exposure, vitamin deficiency. Discoloration also appears in the case of lesions: liver disease, hypoadrenalism, hyperthyroidism.

acceptance some medicines (antifungals, anti-diabetics, antibiotics, diuretics, some herbs: e.g. St. John's wort) in combination with solar exposure also promote discoloration.

Dermatologists agree that most of the hyperpigmentation arises in the result of excess sun.
They can have spots, freckles, birthmarks.

The reason for the formation of pigmentation changes is incorrect distribution of the natural dye - melanin in the skin. Melanin acts as a skin protection filter and has the ability to absorb UV radiation.


  • Freckles - they are small, irregular spots. They occur all over the body. Their number increases due to the sun. Freckles often occur in people with fair skin. To reduce the appearance of new discolorations, we can use creams with filters above 25.
  • chloasma - is caused by elevated hormones. Most often it appears in women after 30 years of age, during menopause, during pregnancy, with metabolic disorders or taking hormonal tablets. These are irregular brown spots. They are located on the forehead, cheeks, chin. They intensify with excess sun.
  • Lentil stains - yellow-brown, located on the face, back of the hands, neck, forearms. They may increase with age. To remove them require close consultation of a dermatologist and cosmetologist.


The most important is prevention. It is very important to protect our skin against these types of changes through appropriate creams with filters. Do not treat discoloration only as a cosmetic defect, if neglected they can cause a lot of damage.

It is important that the treatments are properly selected for the change and that they are used systematically. A dermatologist will help with this, who, using a special Wood lamp, will determine the type of lesion and prescribe treatment.

There are many cosmetic companies that they have appropriate preparations for brightening discolorations and preventing new ones. These types of preparations require longer use and should be patient.

What about beauty salons?

In the beauty salon, we can undergo treatments with the use of active substances actively acting on discoloration:

  • hydroxy acids: exfoliating, moisturizing and regenerating. This type of substance includes frequently used glycolic, lactic or citric acid.
  • hydroquinone: it is a raw material found in many plants. Brightens and removes stains, inflammatory discoloration. The effect can be observed after a few months (about 3 months). It is used in concentrations of 2-4%.
  • Vitamin derivatives AND - also require longer use, have properties similar to hydroquinone. In the first stages of treatment, erythema, pruritus and dry skin may appear.
  • Azelaic acid - used in concentrations of 15-20% in creams, in menoterapi. The advantage of acid is a negligible side effect.
  • Kojic acid - has very good brightening properties, but also has antibacterial properties and prevents the formation of free radicals.

How's the dermatologist?

In addition to treatments in beauty salons, we can also use from treatments in a dermatology office. They have a stronger effect. Some treatments include strong medical preparations that must be performed under the supervision of a specialist.

  •  Laser treatments: they bring very good results in the case of lentil stains, freckles, and drug spots. The advantage of this method is that healthy cells are not damaged during the procedure. Light heating the pigment cells causes their destruction, because the skin pigment melanin absorbs laser light. Ruby and IPL lasers are used.
  • Microdermabrasion: the procedure involves mechanical abrasion of the epidermis, causing lightening of discolorations by peeling the upper layers, which promotes cell renewal. At the same time, this treatment also regenerates and rejuvenates.
  • Cosmelan peeling: a strong medical preparation that contains brightening agents. This type of peeling is mainly used for hormonal discoloration. Peeling does not eliminate the tendency for changes, but only interrupts them, therefore discoloration may appear.

Discoloration: here too prevention is better than cure. If they already appear, it means that our skin needs special attention. Especially in the summer, but not only. Our hands, our face are constantly exposed to the sun, which is why they require proper care and protection not only against UV radiation, but also against the influence of free radicals. Let's use creams with coenzyme Q10, Wit. E, A, PP, licorice, retinoids, flavonoids, ascorbic acid.

Do you have discoloration? Have you tried removing them? Write!


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