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Game Piranhas Attack on long winter evenings and more

Game Piranhas Attack on long winter evenings and more

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Spending time on games has many benefits. First of all, it allows you to have fun. Secondly, it teaches the youngest how to lose - and this is important. It shows how to win at the level so that next time you have fun next to you. The game "Piranhas Attack" is a proposition from Mattel - well known by thousands of families, positively received and having very good opinions.

She also worked well with us.

Game rules "Piranhas Attack"

Each player chooses three fish of the same color. The game is about bringing the fish to the top. Who will do it first - wins.

The movement of the fish is controlled by the numbers rolled on the dice. When it hits "piranha", the player throws a second time to find out how many piranhas should be placed on special boxes next to the lever. Activating the lever reverses selected fields. When it hits the field where the fish is, the ball with the fish symbol falls "devoured by piranhas".

However, when the blue fish falls on the cube, the player introduces another fish to the game.

The winner is the one who is the first to manage to put all the fish in a safe area.

The game is recommended for five-year-old and older children.

Advantages of the game

  • great entertainment for adults and children,
  • the game teaches patience and reconciliation with "sentences of fate",
  • an unexpected course of the game,
  • easily, the "winner" can fall out of the game and must start over,
  • good even for small, impatient kids,
  • very good workmanship,
  • game virtually indestructible (unless the balls get lost).

Disadvantages of the game

  • small elements that are easily lost,
  • quite large (takes up a lot of space),
  • high price (from 80 zlotys)
  • it is not an educational game in the classic sense of the word (for some it will be an advantage, for others a disadvantage).

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