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15 month old baby

15 month old baby

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The child is strongly attached to the parent, and at the same time wants to explore the world. On the one hand, he holds on to his "mother's" skirt, on the other he walks away, looking if his mother is watching and if he will help him when the need arises. He wants to be close and at the same time feel independent. It is torn apart by contradictions, which creates frustrations and frequent outbursts of extreme emotions. What else does the 15 month baby bring?

15 month old baby: I want to do it myself ... Mom, Dad, help me!

A toddler at 15 months has the need to do everything himself, but under the watchful eye of "assistance". He experiences extreme emotions - he protests loudly, laughs with himself, and even discovers his sense of humor.

When he has a diaper dressed up, he often runs away, laughing happily. At meals, he protests when fed. Depending on the temperament, it does it loudly and firmly or slowly "trying" the boundaries set by the parent. He reaches for a spoon and proudly tries to aim it at the mouth. Then he drops a piece of carrot on the ground and watches if he will fall to the floor, just like yesterday and the day before. Then he points at the place where she fell and demands that he lift it.

The child understands the meaning of many words. He speaks more and more (single simple words, syllables, incomprehensible clusters of letters). He feels safe in the foreseeable world and is increasingly willing to imitate adults (he can usually shake hands after playing in the sand, "talk" on the phone, gesture gestures brushing teeth, combing, "lulling" a bear, etc.).

What can your child do? 15 month old baby

Before the end of the 15th month, the average child can:

  • walk well
  • bend over and pick up objects,
  • use one word consciously.

A child can't do these things?

Contact a doctor. There may be no reason to worry, but this situation needs to be consulted.

A visit is necessary if:

  • the child is passive
  • uncommunicative,
  • doesn't look in the eyes
  • can't hear well
  • I'm not laughing.

What can your child do? 15 month old baby

Up to 14 and a half months, a child can usually:

  • use 2 words consciously (sometimes 3-4),
  • drink from a cup,
  • point to the desired item,
  • call you when he can't see you
  • scribble with crayons.

Some toddlers are able to point out one part of the body when asked to do so, use the spoon and fork awkwardly, build a tower from two or three blocks. By the end of the 15th month, the baby may even be able to feed the doll, lull it and go to bed.

Is the child still at night?

When a child wakes up at night at this stage, it's easiest to give a bottle or a breast. However, think carefully about whether this is really necessary.

Many experts point out that feeding a large child at night can cause tooth decay. In addition, the average yearling's body no longer needs night feeding. The toddler is ready for a 10-12 hour break from eating.

Psychologists, in turn, emphasize that night feeding at this stage may cause problems with overweight in the future and a misunderstanding of the purpose of eating. In addition, it results in faster filling of the diaper and can be a reason for night wake up.

Many indicate that it is worth giving the child the opportunity to learn to fall asleep on their own. Feeding him, because it's easier, is a short-term solution.

What if the child protests and you feel that he is not ready to part with night food? Or if you do not mind night motives? Of course - follow your intuition! It's your child and you know them best.

Beats, kicks and bites?

A toddler at 15 months of age is not yet aware of feelings in other people. He is not empathetic. His aggressive behavior is not due to bad intentions. The child does not want to hurt the other person, he is only curious what will happen when he scratches his brother or sister or colleague.

What to do in this situation? It is worth stopping the toddler and preventing him from hurting the other person, firmly saying that what he does hurts.

Think about yourself

A child in the first two years of life is a real volcano of emotions. No wonder that after a whole day you get the impression that you lack the strength for everything. You have the right to feel tired ...

Therefore, whenever possible, think about yourself, your own needs and dreams. Don't limit yourself to the role of a parent. Let me help you, pamper yourself, give pleasure. Thinking about yourself, you also take care of the child. A happy mother can give her child more ...

How to play with a child who is 15 months old?