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Smart Eco Wash - hypoallergenic washing and softening leaves

Smart Eco Wash - hypoallergenic washing and softening leaves

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Washing clothes, bedding and towels people with very sensitive skin, prone to allergies it's a big challenge. First of all, because there are big ones risk of developing or worsening skin changes. On the other hand, the need for thorough cleaning of fabrics, making them soft and delicate to the touch is natural. Compromises in this field are perceived as a loss and no wonder.

There is one goal - find the perfect detergent - Fr. great composition and excellent performance.

Practice shows, however, that it requires a lot of energy. Searching for the perfect non-allergenic and thoroughly removing laundry detergent stains - in the form of powder, liquid, concentrate ... often depends on the method of trial and error. This is not the best idea: after all, nobody wants to risk exacerbation of skin changes, return of unpleasant rashes.

That is why a new product was created, very concentrated and equally modern form - in the form of leaves - practical, not taking up much space (to tell the truth almost at all), extremely comfortable when using and giving great results.

Smart Eco Wash it's NEW on the market.

How does the product work in practice?

We checked.

Smart Eco Wash: how does it work?

Smart Eco Wash to comfortable, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and ecological washing leaves available in two versions: for colors and white. One leaf responds 40 grams of high quality washing powder. The leaves can be used for all fabrics (except wool and silk).

One leaf provides double action, corresponding to washing powder and softener: cleansing and softening.

The use of Smart Eco Wash is extremely simple. Just tear off the leaf along the designated line and put in the washing machine drum: one leaf lasts for one classic wash. For smaller washing, hand washing, it is recommended to use half a sheet (you can easily tear it), for more soiled fabrics - two sheets. The situation looks similar to the use of powder or concentrate - in the case of more soiling, more detergent is needed, and less laundry is less demanding in this respect.

Leaflets can be used both in hot and cold water.

The leaves are delicate for fabrics and very practical. They do not damage the washing machine, they can be used for every wash.

For whom?

Smart Eco Wash have been clinically tested and are safe from the first days of life.

  • for people with increased skin sensitivity,
  • for babies with eczema, AD
  • for people allergic to ingredients contained in "classic, popular" washing powders

Smart Eco Wash leaves: do they stand out?

Smart Eco Wash is not only a very convenient form of washing leaves in which you can fall in love quickly, it also composition guards safe use. In this respect, the most relevant information is:

  • no solvents,
  • the leaves are free of parabens,
  • no phosphates, 1,4-dioxane,
  • no unnecessary foaming agents,
  • without enzymes.

The leaves are free from irritating, allergic ingredients.

Smart Eco Wash - as they work in practice - our opinion

Smart Eco Wash is a product very comfortable, high quality, easy to use - all information is on the packaging, although it is unnecessary, because the use of the product is intuitive.

Just tear off the leaf and put it into the drum, without spilling powder, without the inconvenience of measuring, quick and easy. Washing leaves they dissolve easily, there is no trace of it and perfectly remove dirt - we checked on clothing to refresh, as well as heavily soiled.

The laundry is clean, soft, soft to the touch. This is very important, because many hypoallergenic products leave rough and hard clothes. The Eco Wash manufacturer makes the 2in1 product available - cleansing and softening. It's a great solution, facilitating washing and saving space in the bathroom. In the season of holidays and trips, it allows you to easily transport the detergent, with a guarantee of space saving and convenience.

In one package there are 20 sheets that last for more than 14 - 16 washes.

The leaves can be used in all washing machines.

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