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Breastfeeding during pregnancy

Breastfeeding during pregnancy

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Breastfeeding during pregnancy, despite current and extensive knowledge, still raises a lot of controversy. Moms who find out about pregnancy, are pressured to end feeding because lactation is expected to adversely affect fetal development. In addition, it is recommended to stop feeding natural milk for the sake of an older child, because milk will not be the same.

Is this all true? What opinions do experienced doctors have about this? What do other women who successfully breastfeed pregnant recommend?

Breastfeeding during pregnancy. Doctors have no doubt ...

Doctors have no doubt that breastfeeding during pregnancy is possible, if the woman is healthy and the pregnancy is developing properly. Most often, they manage to feed their babies also after delivery - already in tandem. It happens, however, that the breastfed baby discontinues itself, decides to stop sucking because of the taste change of milk around half of the pregnancy.

but if there is an increased risk of complications, it may be advisable to stop breast-feeding during pregnancy. It is worth approaching the subject calmly, keeping in mind the well-being of children and mother.

So why these controversies?

Breastfeeding in pregnancy is controversial because of of changing hormonal balance. During baby sucking, oxytocin is released. This, as is known, is responsible, among others, for uterine contractions. Doctors who urge women to stop breastfeeding during pregnancy are afraid of miscarriage or premature birth due to hormonal changes.

The problem is that breastfeeding is especially for older children who are already eating solid meals does not lead to significant secretion of oxytocin. It's worth mentioning that this hormone is also produced in other situations, for example during sexual intercourse, and as you know, pregnant sex is not usually banned. You can enjoy its benefits without any embarrassment.

So why do some doctors recommend weaning the baby when she becomes pregnant? Out of ignorance, just in case.


If the pregnancy develops properly, and the woman is not additionally burdened, she can successfully breastfeed the baby and enjoy the development of another family member.

When is it recommended to stop breastfeeding during pregnancy?

  • when there is a high risk of premature delivery,
  • when a woman miscarried
  • when bleeding from the vagina.
  • when there are painful uterine contractions
  • placental abruption

What to remember when you are breastfeeding during pregnancy?

There is a myth that a woman who is nursing a pregnant child after taking her baby needs time until her body regenerates so that she can get pregnant again. That's not true. The body usually needs time to "rest" after pregnancy and delivery, but not after breastfeeding, which can last for 2 years or more ...

On the other hand, the most important thing to remember is balanced, varied diet. You do not have to worry about feeding your older baby no valuable vitamins or micronutrients for the developing fetus. The truth is that first the body meets the needs of the baby growing in the womb, then provides valuable ingredients for milk, and then the needs of the woman are met. Of course, this is a simplification, but very vivid, so you should be aware of this, to take special care of your menu, lifestyle, so that nothing valuable is not missing either children or young mother.

Does an older child need to be weaned after delivery? The experiences of many mothers show that they do not. You can feed in tandem, giving breast first to a newborn baby, and then to an older baby. There are few situations when you have to put away your older child for medical reasons. However, they exist and it is worth being aware of it, consulting any doubts with a good doctor.


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