Top commentator competition in September

Top commentator competition in September

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Dear parents, we are once again pleased to invite you to the competition. It's September, so we're announcing the next competition round. Who will manage to get the title of commentator for the month this time?

We want to award two people in the competition:

  • one that has left the most substantive, interesting comments to which we will send handmade bookmark.*
  • one, which during the competition aroused particular interest in us, inspired the discussion and helped other readers of the site. We will reward this person bookmark and a hat made by one of our readers (after announcing the results, we will ask for the size of the baby's head. The hat will be available in two colors: blue-white-gray - as in the picture - or in shades of yellow-orange-white - referring to the colors of our website).

*Warning. If you want to increase your chances of winning, all you have to do is place our banner (one of those available here and we will add 20 points to your list of comments: one substantive comment = one point). All you need to do is place the banner on your site during the competition and you will notify us by writing to the following address: [email protected] Details in the regulations.

The tabs that you can win in our game are made of silver-plated elements, combine turquoise ornaments with glass and acrylic beads, and in the case of the second tab: turquoise, beads, acrylic and crackle.

A hat is a lovely proposition for autumn. Inspired by the character of the nice dog Tede. Warm and practical. We hope that both parents and the baby will like it, on whose head it will present itself.

Our fun lasts from September 1-23.

Detailed regulations can be found here.

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