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Coconut oil for children - 7 interesting uses

Coconut oil for children - 7 interesting uses

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By reading labels on cosmetics, you can be very concerned. There is so much "chemistry" and quite unnecessary additions that can cause objection from conscious parents. And that's how it is. The list of substances used in the production of creams or bath lotions raises concerns and raises the need to look for alternatives. It is not surprising that many young mothers reach for natural products that they use in young children and at home. Coconut oil is the leader among them. Perfect not only in the kitchen. Coconut oil for children works perfectly.

You know? Do you use?

Coconut oil is gaining great popularity around the world. It is appreciated for its properties antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral (due to the content of lauric acid). Is an alternative ingredient for synthetically derived substances, natural, free from "chemistry". Using it for hygiene, you can not only save money, but above all act ecologically, with a view to the health of the baby's skin.

How to use coconut oil for a child?

Coconut oil for diaper dermatitis

Red skin on the bottom? If the changes are not significant, you can try to delete them naturally. Thick coconut oil will act as a barrier on the skin, it will not irritate it, on the contrary - it will moisturize and nourish. Accelerate its reconstruction. It works in several ways: increases the ability to cover wounds with new epithelium, increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes and stimulates greater cross-linking of collagen fibers in the repaired tissue.

Thanks to that he has antifungal activity, can be used to treat skin infections caused by Candida (also strains resistant to other treatments). In addition, an important advantage is the delicacy of natural coconut oil and the lack of interaction with diapers and their ingredients.

Coconut oil as a balm

If the child does not have AD or any other skin problem, his skin is certainly smooth and soft enough and no preparations are needed. However, if you feel it's worth it, coconut oil is a good choice.

Coconut oil has an effect moisturizing and protective. Applied to dry areas it can regenerate effectively. In addition, many people recommend it as a natural way to eczema.

Coconut oil for cradle cap

Coconut oil can help remove cradle cap.

All you need to do is apply it to the scalp, perform a gentle massage and leave it on for about 20 minutes. After this time, just rinse the head with water and gently comb with a soft brush to remove the scales.

Coconut oil for lice

Coconut oil for a child in combination with anise oil is used if the child has lice. According to many studies, it is more effective than permethrin, a chemical.

Coconut oil for washing

The children are dirty. It's natural.

How to effectively clean and refresh their skin?

All you have to do is reach for Castilian soap (100% natural), coconut oil and water. Combine all ingredients and it's ready. No ethereal additives will be needed, because coconut oil has a delicate, pleasant smell.