Burns first aid - read, let it not be useful

Burns first aid - read, let it not be useful

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Accidents can always happen. Unfortunately, often due to high activity and little imagination they concern children. Toddlers, especially in the first years of life, are so energetic that even the eyes around the head do not settle the matter and often unpleasant events occur. That's why entries like this are needed. What to do if a burn occurs? Burns first aid - read.

Burns - when dangerous situations occur

Burns are nothing but skin damage. It occurs as a result of elevated temperature, chemical and electrical factors. Most often, the changes affect the skin, less often the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, stomach.

The most common are thermal burns, especially during the preparation of meals, when hot water spills onto the skin, when the hand touches a hot plate or dish, as well as while eating and drinking - when we do not wait for the meal or drink to cool down slightly. You can burn yourself not only with a hot liquid, but also with hot steam and a hot solid.

Burns first aid

The treatment of a burn depends on extent of damage to the skin and its severity.

When there is a first degree burn (redness, erythema, slight pain appear on the skin) or II degree (in the red area there are bubbles filled with serous fluid, which are accompanied by great pain), first you need to remove the cause of the burn - suppress the fire, move away from hot water, steam, quickly remove or cut boiled clothing - if it does not stick to the skin and not blisters have formed.

The next step is to quickly cool the burn site - pouring it with cool water, leaving it under influence for at least 10-15 minutes or until the pain subsides. After drying the skin, apply dry gauze to the affected area. You can also cover the burn site with special soothing and cooling panthenol foam. If you have severe pain, you can reach for a painkiller.

If burns are extensive or severe, cover the burn area with a towel dipped in cold water and call an ambulance. Keep the burned area slightly higher than the rest of the body, which relieves pain and prevents congestion.

It is worth remembering that only minor burns can be treated at home. Larger ones should be consulted with a doctor. Always go to the hospital if the burn affects the face, perineum, hands. Absolutely do not maneuver the blisters, pierce them, they are a natural protective barrier for irritated skin. Do not apply any creams, ointments or other preparations to the burned surface. If your hands are burned, remove the rings as soon as possible. If the damage to the skin is widespread, no oral treatment should be given until the digestive system can be confirmed.

Prepared on the basis of: Kazimierz Janicki, "Tourist Medical Guide"


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