On the catwalk during pregnancy

On the catwalk during pregnancy

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First there was an appearance in the Italian edition of Big Brother, then strip sessions, and now ... the sixth month of pregnancy and presenting bikini on the catwalk. Rafaella Fico, because we are talking about her, was also famous for her hot affairs with Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotellim. The beautiful model became pregnant with Mario Balotellim, the future daddy was happy, but he quickly announced that he would perform a DNA test to confirm his fatherhood. Beautiful Rafaella looks flourishing. Do you think so too? In the sixth month of pregnancy on the catwalk in high heels looks great. No stretch marks on her stomach, no cellulite on her thighs. At Milan Fashion Week, the woman is proud to present her charms. He proves that you can also look sexy with curves.

And you, if you had the opportunity, would you decide to go to the catwalk during pregnancy? What could you gain and lose by deciding to take such a step? What do you think? Could such an event have a therapeutic effect for women who think that pregnancy cannot be beautiful? Finally, before the models appear, a team of specialists is working on their appearance ...