The rights of the newborn's parents in the delivery room

Childbirth is a beautiful and stressful moment in the life of every mom and dad. Although theoretically, every pregnant woman prepares for him for nine months, it is difficult to avoid a sense of unknown and lost. The situation can change rapidly, unfortunately, children are not always born healthy, sometimes their condition is very disturbing. That is why it is so important to know your rights and be able to use them in order to be able to make informed, best decisions in a given situation. Here are the rights of newborn parents that everyone should know.

The parent of the newborn has the right. Newborn parents' rights:

  • for full information on the child's state of health and all activities and procedures carried out on him,
  • presence with the child during each activity performed by medical staff (the child may be accompanied by mother, dad, but also the person indicated by the parent - grandmother, aunt, friend) - it is mentioned in art. 21 paragraph 2 of the Act on Patient Rights and Patient Rights Ombudsman
  • any medical activity performed on a child must be preceded by the consent of the parent (which can be withdrawn at any time), in any case you can also refuse if you have doubts about the surgery itself and its safety in the context of your child's health
  • no medical treatment is compulsory, you as a parent, legal guardian agree to it.

Vaccination in the hospital - the rights of parents

For some parents, the decision to vaccinate a child will be simple, for others because of fear of side effects, unpleasant experiences with vaccinating an older child, or serious adverse vaccination reactions in the family - more complicated.

That's why it's good to know your rights.

It's worth knowing that decisions on vaccination or non-vaccination (or subsequent, selective vaccination) do not need to be taken in a hospital. We can make a "calm" decision at home, giving ourselves time to observe the child and his reactions.

The law says that the parent has the right to refuse or agree to vaccinate a child in the first day of life after obtaining full information about the benefits and risks of vaccination. No one from the hospital or employees has the right to force a parent to vaccinate or frighten him.

For parents who want to suspend vaccination of children or plan not to vaccinate at all, special bodies are available to protect the newborn from "mechanical" vaccination in the absence of the parent (source).

What do you think about this solution? Such a body is a necessity today, or maybe an exaggeration?