"Public kindergarten empty at 14 ... Where's justice?" Letter from a reader

"Public kindergarten empty at 14 ... Where's justice?" Letter from a reader

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In the city where I live and work (about 350,000 inhabitants, so quite large) getting to a public kindergarten is a real feat. It is not enough to be a working mother, have a working husband, pay taxes and take an elderly man to the same institution. It is not enough. Usually, additional points are needed - that is, it is best to divorce her husband by pretending to be a single mother or to "settle" a disability certificate. It is known that this is not easy, so it remains to combine or wait for the place to free up happily.

Why am I writing this?

Because I am constantly amazed at what is happening in public facilities. After talking to other mothers taking the children to local government kindergartens, but in other housing estates, I noticed that this was a wider "problem". I wonder if also going beyond my place of residence? Is it like that in every city?

What is going on?

As a rule, public kindergartens are intended to serve working parents. First of all, children whose mother and dad are away from home, professionally active, should be escorted to them. What turns out? My child stays in kindergarten with a handful of children and is already picked up at 4pm! I write "already" because I work until 15 and 16 I am able to pick up a child.

I understand that sometimes children pick up grandparents, it happens that parents have a so-called liberal profession. I am, however, puzzled by the scale and reception times of most children. In our facility, after 15:00 children sit in one or two rooms, and in the morning they fill 8 rooms ... Most are picked up right after lunch, sometimes before 2pm.

It is hard to believe that 70% of parents have such a great situation that they can pick up children so early ... Does everyone really have a friendly neighbor, grandmother, grandfather? So many people work freelance or at night?

Or maybe not the children who should get into public kindergartens? Maybe the recruitment method is not entirely right? What do you think about it? How is your kindergarten? Best regards, Patrycja. "


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