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Intestinal flu in children - how to recognize it and how to treat it?

Intestinal flu in children - how to recognize it and how to treat it?

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Intestinal flu in children is especially common in autumn and winter. Outbreaks also occur in spring. In most cases this is not a serious disease. Certainly it is annoying for the child and parents. However, after a few days it passes by itself.

The most important task for parents is to make sure that the child does not dehydrate. You should also remember about other things ...

Intestinal flu has little to do with flu

Intestinal flu is also called gastric flu, gastrointestinal mucositis. It is not caused by the influenza virus, most often it is caused by rotaviruses and adenoviruses.

Intestinal flu in children: symptoms

It usually starts suddenly. A child who does not care about symptoms of the disease suddenly begins to complain of stomach ache, which can start during the day, but also at night. At night, it makes it difficult to sleep soundly, the child cannot sleep, cries, complains of pain, turns around in bed. Characteristic bubbling and splashing are heard in the stomach ...

When the first series of vomiting occurs, the matter becomes clear. Diarrhea develops in turn, body temperature rises. The child becomes listless, lies a lot, sleeps a lot, refuses to eat and sometimes drink.

While refusal of meals is a defensive reaction of the body, the lack of the need for drinking should be monitored. Do not leave the toddler alone, you must drink the baby, not allowing dehydration.

Intestinal flu in children can be mild or acute. How long does it take? A very individual matter, symptoms can accompany a child from several hours to several days. Weakness after illness usually lasts the longest.

Most children get stomach flu twice a year, especially if they are in kindergarten on a daily basis.

Intestinal flu in children - what diet? The best ways

Experts during the intestinal tract recommend:

  • discontinuation of milk (modified, cow's), breast-feeding is recommended,
  • dairy restriction,
  • withdrawal of fruit juices,
  • not giving fresh vegetables and fruits,
  • serving white, easily digestible bread (some say it is best gluten-free, so as not to lead to intolerance),
  • serving rice with salt or cooked or baked apple,
  • administration of linseed gruel, which strengthens the intestines and has an antiviral effect,
  • serving herbal teas - mint and chamomile (anti-inflammatory),
  • feeding tomatoes and potassium to make up for sodium and potassium deficiency,
  • some pediatricians recommend giving raw jelly - by mixing the powder in a bag with water, which prevents vomiting.

Pediatricians recommend that you return to your standard diet as soon as possible. Watch your child and pay attention to his needs. We absolutely don't force you to eat. We make sure that the child drinks.

Intestinal flu in children - what to do not to get infected?

Intestinal flu in children spreads very quickly. That's why whole groups in kindergarten or nursery get sick.

The virus spreads by droplet. It is difficult to avoid illness, but hygiene helps a lot.

It is advisable to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose with your hands. Frequently ventilate the flat in which the sick person is staying. In addition, we care about hygiene in the toilet, and after vomiting, we thoroughly clean and wash the bedding.

A few days after the illness, we avoid large groups of people. Unfortunately, the intestine weakens immunity, it is easy to get another infection, it is worth taking care of the child's immunity at this time.


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