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Wójcik furniture - perfect for a room for children and teenagers

Wójcik furniture - perfect for a room for children and teenagers

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The list of features that should be met by ideal furniture for children and adolescents is long. Counts functionality, durability, versatility of solutions applied as well as appearance.

The furniture in the children's room and later in the youth room should be liked by obtaining the highest marks from strict reviewers, who are teenagers and later teenagers. After all, it's about kids they wanted to stay in their rooms, that they would consider them as their zone, as if beyond their parents' influence.

Furniture they have a character, individual appearance, which will be accepted by kids. The youngest want to have a real impact on the possibility of changing their appearance. And here comes the first difficulty, because children's tastes change very quickly... It is difficult to keep up with him and make him decide to change the interior design. However, there is a way ... There are proposals on the market that reconcile all these seemingly conflicting needs of children and parents.

For example, Wójcik furniture that has everything we expect from furniture for children and teenagers. We took a close look at them and grant the Children's and Youth Furniture Line a Parental Hit Certificate. Why?

Angel collection

Furniture for children and teenagers for years

Furniture should grow with children. Thanks to this, they can be changed so that they would be liked by a preschooler, student and later a teenager. These are exactly what Wójcik Furniture that meets the strict standards imposed by small users.

They are not premium class furniture, their price is so attractive that it is acceptable to almost everyone.

Wójcik Furniture Cayman collection

By choosing Wójcik furniture, we choose good quality at a good price. What does it mean?

These are not pieces of furniture that we pass on from generation to generation, it is an ideal proposal here and now, a great product that will meet the tastes of children through the fascinating years of growing up. Wójcik furniture will serve without a problem for 10-15 years, which is practically as much as it takes until the children "decide" that they are "adults" and choose the set themselves not from the "youth" line, but recommended for adults.

Furniture that grows with children

In the furniture category for young people, you can choose different furniture lines. One of them is Hobby, a collection that changes with the needs of the child. Thanks to this, you can easily arrange a room for both a small child and a teenager.

How it's possible?

The basis is furniture decors in an original wild oak color and replaceable fronts that can be changed according to current needs, choosing among 5 colors: turquoise, vanilla, brown, purple or neutral wild brown. This way you can make quick changes to your child's room at a low cost.

Durable and safe

Wójcik furniture is made of laminated board resistant to scratches, damage, moisture and high temperature. Thanks to this, they prove themselves in a world where children and adolescents rule. That is, where various ideas and increased requirements appear when it comes to the durability of the solutions used.

An original design

There are no two the same people, so if you plan to arrange a room for younger and older children, what counts are all the possibilities that allow you to adjust the space to individual expectations.

In the youth collection Wójcik, except for interchangeable frontsthat instantly change the nature of the interior, we have other options, for example, the option choosing colorful stickers that will make the room more attractive for school children, which can be removed when a child reaches teenage age and the stickers are too infantile for him.

When it comes to Wójcik furniture, what you like is often noteworthy - fvivid colors, combined with subdued colors, all in order to get a harmonious effect with a clearly defined character that affects the atmosphere of the interior.

Amazon collection

Angel collection


In a room where children and teenagers stay, often small children play side by side and teenagers rest, especially safety is important. It is not only about such a structure that is particularly resistant to scratches and damage, but also additional solutions that increase the comfort of using furniture.

The system was used in the collections of Wójcik Furniture handle-free opening. Thanks to this, the risk of the effects of painful bumping into furniture has been eliminated. In addition, the lack of handles allows you to create a minimalist effect in the interior.

Stable market position

There are many good furniture manufacturers who are just starting their adventure with design. However, the advantage of companies with many years of history is experience. And this is a priceless value. Wójcik is 30 years old this year.

For three decades, the manufacturer has created a brand that is associated with great aesthetic solutions and high universality of solutions. In the line of youth furniture, it provides the series: Alien, Amazon, Angle, Cayman and Hobby. Selected photos above. All can be viewed here.

We recommend Meble Wójcik as great furniture perfect for children and youth room!