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Celebrity fall? Hop, we're pregnant and we play children

Celebrity fall? Hop, we're pregnant and we play children

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In the world of show business on pregnancy and motherhood you can earn a considerable amount of money. Red carpet riders use their own children to push their careers forward, improve their scarred image or save the home budget. As you know, the expenses of stars and celebrities are detached from the reality of a typical Polish mother. What are known moms inclined to do and do they cause harm to their children?

The case of Anna Mucha

Before she got pregnant, she starred in several more or less successful productions, parted with the well-known, much older journalist, fought for the Crystal Ball, dancing on the dance floor in a commercial television studio, lost weight and did not let herself forget. Unplanned motherhood contributed to the actress's great return to the covers of newspapers and opened up new opportunities for her. A woman known for sneering comments directed at young mothers in whom she compared their brains to a bowl with baby porridges, day by day she became an expert in the field of being a parent. Mucha's growing belly was of interest to the media, and she willingly used all breakfast TV invitations.

After the birth of her daughter Stefania, on her blog she described everyday life filled with typically maternal responsibilities. Well-known companies, manufacturers of sports footwear and children's accessories have benefited from the popularity of the Polish celebrity. Their products began to appear on the actress's website. Internet users attacked the former partner of Kuba Wojewódzki for promoting products that are beyond the reach of average earners, for bragging about having an expensive stroller, brand toys. Inquisitive moms were looking for marketing tricks in every subject, immortalized in the photo by the paparazzi, accusing the actress of making money on her own child. In addition, the attitude of the actress, who excessively cares about her appearance, created the image of an elegant, always smiling and rested mother aroused numerous controversies. Mucha's anti-fans were not spoken of only by jealousy, but by a sense of distorted reality in which a known person plays the role of a perfect mother and a beautiful woman, with a staff of people with a make-up artist, a nanny and a hairdresser at his head.

Are the allegations directed at Anna Mucha justified? Could a woman who denied motherhood offend young mothers change her worldview so drastically? Certainly, the appearance of Stefania in the world meant that the actress herself became convinced that pregnancy is not a disease, and being a mother neither retreats the fair sex, nor deprives her of opportunities for personal development. However, it is puzzling that this person sensed the opportunity, found a new idea for himself only as his family expanded.

Everything is for sale

Reality shows are everyday life not only for American viewers, but are increasingly appearing on European TV screens. People who are known to be known usually become their stars. They could once perform on stage, performing memorable musical hits, or played in popular series. Among them are also controversial characters who have done nothing and warm themselves in the warmth of the names of popular parents.

The latter belongs Kourtney Kardashian, daughter of an American lawyer defending O.J. Simpson, who is a football star.

One of the favorites of the television program was not inhibited to appear in front of the camera lens during the delivery of her daughter Penelope Disick. The heroine of several reality shows shared the first moments in the life of her child with the whole world. Most, however, she was proud of the fact that she alone helped her daughter overcome the birth canal, pulling out the baby in front of her fans. Of course, older sister Kim Kardashian did not do it for educational purposes, wanting to prove to the pregnant women following her fate that childbirth is not something impossible to survive, and as soon as circumstances allow, the birthing mother can literally take matters into her own hands. A celebrity, accustomed to the presence of cameramen for several years, for sharing with such an intimate moment she received a dizzying amount that went to her bank account. Not only that, thanks to the media birth of the small Penelope the audience ratings of the Kardashian family jumped and although for a short time the matter of a spectacular wedding and rapid divorce of another clan member ceased to be the main topic of gossip.

She promoted her pregnancy in a similar program Tori Spelling, actress known mainly from the Beverly Hills 90210 series and our native celebrity Michał Wiśniewski with her second wife Marta. Celebrities willingly shared with their fans accounts of their stay in the doctor's office, showing the record of an ultrasound examination, told about the typical ills of women carrying a child under their hearts. There were no taboos for them, no saints, and something like privacy ceased to exist in their opinion. While the daughter of a well-known television producer and Kourtney Kardashian continue to operate in show business and earn money by selling information about their lives, so in the case of dying musician the last madness was to give subsequent children names that dislike and describe their failures on their blog.

War for a child

A young man can become a dangerous tool in the hands of immature parents who in the press, using Internet portals, are waging war against themselves or the media. Some known faces assume that no matter what you say about them, it is only important to speak at all. Even if the object of interest of information carriers are their children.
Speculation continued for many years about the alleged act that Edyta Górniak was supposed to commit by posting a photo of her son in faeces on her blog. In response to numerous attacks by cobblestone editors and virtual portals, the singer did not fail to share her thoughts, regret and anger, which destroyed the first moments with her son. After unsuccessful attempts to return to the stage, the pop singer used the image of Allan during the divorce hearing, willingly giving extensive interviews. The young man has repeatedly appeared in photos and press information, aimed at showing which of his parents is failing in their task and with whom the boy can not feel safe.

The case that touched many Poles in 2006 concerned the alleged kidnapping of his daughter Anna Samusionek by her ex-husband. The actress turned to the media for help, ensuring that the child was abducted in her absence. The public has succumbed to the words of the unpopular star of the series, thinking that in the above issue she is the injured party. Newspaper photos of little Angelika and a dramatic appeal by a desperate mother appeared. Meanwhile, reporters managed to reach documents with a final court judgment, which contained information about the granting of parental rights to both parents.

In addition, the woman declaring cooperation with the police, detective agency, admirers and media representatives, in the course of the situation led a normal life for a Polish celebrity, appearing in places worth visiting during lavish banquets and interesting events.

During the aforementioned situation, Anna Samusionek, who could not boast of her impressive achievements, began to appear more often in the series, broadcast by public television, became more recognizable. It seems undeniable that in a media dispute the child suffered the most, whose image was disseminated, and carefree childhood was brutally interrupted.

I gave birth, I lost weight, I will make a fortune on it

There are stars that Polish society has already overemphasized. In the absence of specific proposals, they advertise pates, set up dance schools, or write books. The latter include Kasia Cichopek. The star of the popular soap opera captured the viewers with a pleasant disposition and a perfect look. Although as a result of exercise and diet she has become a really attractive woman, for many malicious people she will always remain a "dumpling". Being pregnant, Marcin Hakiel's wife did not spare her strength, she was a co-host of a certain program, she played in the series, dealt with the promotion of the spouse's career. Dance, thanks to which she met the love of her life, helped her return to her dream figure. The actress decided to immortalize her experiences on pages of a guide addressed to young mothers. Catherine even went a step further and in front of viewers participated in the metamorphoses of neglected domestic hens, which instead of taking care of their appearance, devoted themselves to raising children and taking care of the warmth of home. From day to day Cichopek transformed into the role of a professional who had extensive knowledge and advice on every mother's problem and ailment.

A book for sexy moms and another publication about how to eat, you can enjoy the very fact of existence, it has not become a bestseller. Young mothers did not take seriously the words of a specialist who raises one small child. In addition, the cult of beauty and telling women that only then they will be happy, if their figure takes impeccable shape, met with a sharp wave of criticism.

She came out with a similar initiative Katarzyna Skrzynecka. The woman-chameleon tried to find herself in the role of actress, singer, songwriter, model, television presenter and even composer, for many years she dreamed of becoming a mother. It seemed that with each unsuccessful relationship and miscarriage she would not be able to experience the miracle of her own child's birth. Fortunately, at the end of last year, fate smiled at her and welcomed the world a charming daughter with a rather unusual name - Alikia Ilia.

Awaiting the birth of the child, the actress very often appeared at social gatherings during which journalists were present. It was like an open book that had no secrets. She tried to attract the attention of new employers by numerous participation in events, because being in the early stages of pregnancy, she lost her job on television. She believed that the growing belly was one of the decisive motives for which her contract was not extended. Shortly after she gave birth to a daughter, the youngest member of the Łopucki family began to participate in the media life of their parents. On the one hand, you can understand the joy of a new mother who has been trying for a child for years and takes her everywhere with her. However, does not seem to be inappropriate to use a tiny, unconscious whole confusion of a person to promote himself and a new business idea, which is the program of slimming obese society?

Let's talk about my children

She was a valued model, resourceful businesswoman, founder of the foundation. A few years ago, driving a car under the influence of alcohol caused an accident. As a consequence of subsequent events, the court deprived her of her parental rights to her sons. Since then, the second deputy Polonia has been trying to regain the respect of contractors and public opinion. To this end, he visits television stations, publicly admitting his illness. To warm up the image also uses boys who pose with their mother for numerous photo sessions. During one of the programs, Ilona Felicjańska got into a sharp exchange with the presenter, who accused her of using minor children for marketing purposes. The celebrity did not hide her indignation and refuted all accusations, explaining that as a mother she had the right to do so. In addition, she believed that the children were prepared for such public discussion about the addiction of their mother and, most importantly, the decision to appear in tabloids was made consciously.

I am a mother, this is my career

Pregnancy and motherhood are extremely important moments in the life of every woman. It is worth thinking about the issue of making your child's image public and deriving material benefits from it. In this case it is not about jealousy, lack of female solidarity in mutual support while shaping one's career, but about the authenticity and credibility of behavior. None of us likes to be manipulated. When we sense falsehood and bend the facts to suit our needs, we can make even the most-loved star fall off the pedestal and severely feel the fall. It is also morally unjustified to play on the child's feelings and use him in not only media skirmishes, as a tool in the fight for parental rights and reasons. The children will grow up one day. The Internet will leave a trace of the actions of those who brought them to life. What will they feel when they come across their photos with offensive comments or parents' entries that should never see the light of day? Is it worth promoting yourself at the expense of our children?