She gave birth to four children within 11 months. And they weren't four

She gave birth to four children within 11 months. And they weren't four

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Becky John always wanted a big family. Her dreams came true faster than she thought. Within 11 months she gave birth to four babies. In this way she became a mother ... not foursome, but ...

When Becky, who lives in Wales, gave birth to her daughter in February 2015, she soon wanted to have more children, as close as possible. The couple began to fulfill their dreams right away and Becky became pregnant very quickly.

This is not the most surprising part of this story.

A visit to the gynecologist turned out to be very exciting.

In the office, young parents heard not one, not two, but ... three hearts. The woman and her partner could not believe what happened.

The doctor did not hide his amazement, because the natural conception of triplets is rare. What is equally surprising, each child came from a separate egg (triplet triplets), each developed a separate placenta, thanks to which at the very beginning the risk of dividing the placenta by children was excluded. In January 2016, a woman gave birth to three Caesarean children: Ryan, Phoebe and Ray.

Becky, who still has a 9-year-old daughter, was initially concerned about how she would handle such a large group. Now she is convinced that this is the best thing that could happen to her, to have children of such a similar age.