5 products that you can make quickly at home alone, and which you buy in an unhealthy version

5 products that you can make quickly at home alone, and which you buy in an unhealthy version

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Store shelves bend under the weight of the products. The long avenues present everything we want. No wonder we use this benefit every day. We go and put in the baskets - pudding powder, jelly, drinks, lenses, porridges for children. Sometimes we look at the packaging, other times we don't think about it. Because we believed that it is more convenient, faster and ... healthy. As for the first, you can agree - it is more convenient (a matter of habits), not necessarily for the second - sometimes faster to prepare yourself than to buy, and the third - unfortunately, it is not true, because it is healthier to do at home. How? Here are the recipes.

How to make porridge for children?

Porridge for children can be prepared at home. There is no need to buy a special product dedicated to the youngest, it is enough to stock up on millet, buckwheat, rice or rice flakes, corn porridge, from which we can easily prepare a dish not only for an infant, but also for an older child or adult. It does not take more time than waiting for the water to boil and flood the powder.

An additional benefit?

Full control over the composition of the product as well as the possibility of serving porridges with various additives, sweet, in a dinner version. We avoid, if we want, a lot of sugars and sweeteners, which accustom the child from an early age to very sweet food. Another advantage? This is definitely the price. Preparing porridges for children is an economical option.

So how do you make baby porridge? Check out this article for inspiring recipes.

How to make pudding for a child at home?

You can prepare the pudding yourself at home, thus avoiding unhealthy, allergenic additives - dyes, preservatives, flavors, etc.. It is not as difficult as it seems. And if we try it once, we probably won't go back to the pudding version again.

Pudding is most often served as a dessert. Sometimes it is the basis for preparing pudding soup. It is also used as an ingredient in cakes. The main ingredient is cow's milk, which is why it is given to children who have a sufficiently developed digestive system that they can eat them and do not have allergies to them.

How to prepare pudding at home? You will learn from this article.

How to make a baby jelly at home?

Kissel, depending on the added fruit or juice, can be given to a 6-month-old child, because it is easily digestible and recommended for digestive problems, for example diarrhea.

It has a simple composition (juice, water, potato flour, fruit and sugar - if needed), usually it is also adored by the youngest.

You don't know how to prepare a jelly at home? Look here.

How to make chocolate / Nutella cream for a child at home?

When a few weeks ago the world was spreading information about the carcinogenic properties of palm oil used among others in Nutella, many parents felt cheated. Some did not hide their indignation and anger at "taking away" their favorite product. Meanwhile, the situation is not as hopeless as it may seem.

Chocolate cream can be prepared at home. It is not difficult or time consuming.

To prepare homemade Nutella you need:

  • hazelnuts (best to buy peeled)
  • cocoa
  • milk
  • honey
  • oil (can be coconut)

Preparation is very easy. We blend 100 grams of nuts to dust, add two tablespoons of cocoa, two tablespoons of honey, four tablespoons of milk and a teaspoon of oil. Blend everything again until smooth. And it's ready!

How to make juice for a child?

Juices, drinks, nectars. Many of them, although they pretend to be natural, are heavily processed. Sugar, sweeteners, glucose-fructose syrup are added to them. In addition, it is used in mass production artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, responsible for allergic reactions in many children.

Advertisements of well-known brands suggest that orange juice is squeezed directly from the fruit, and this apple is made after apples jump into a large pot. We imagine the production process the way large companies want. How is it actually

Most of the available juices are made from concentrated fruit juice, i.e. after evaporation of water and separation of fragrances. In other words, such a juice is not natural, it is a processed product and thus much less healthy than it seems.

At home, you can even prepare the popular "Winnie". How?

We cook 5 medium carrots (300 grams) in a saucepan until they become very soft, then blend the carrots with three tablespoons of sugar (you can add less) to a uniform, smooth mass. We add a glass of water. We can then add one-day apple juice (250 ml) or freshly squeezed orange (250 ml). Finished! Bon Appetit!


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