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"Conversations with the use of the head or economy for children" Anna Garbolińska

"Conversations with the use of the head or economy for children" Anna Garbolińska

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The fact that the school does not prepare for life is known for a long time. There is more and more talk about the need to reform education. There are many reasons: the lack of specialists in many professions and the education of people in areas that do not give a job or do not allow to acquire really useful skills in life. The more this book is a real gem in the context of often inefficient education, which is closer to "catching up" in extra-curricular activities than to a school that teaches critical thinking.

Economics: life science

The author, a graduate of an economics university, an agitator in teaching economics at an elementary school, a mother of two children, she writes a very useful book, recommended for children aged 9 to 14 years. Valuable for both the youngest and their parents.

When explaining the need to create the first book on economics for children, Anna Garbolińska tries to draw attention to the teaching paradox. Namely, he asks why children in primary school know what chlorophyll is, what the frog's digestive system looks like, and they do not know what is more specifically about them: what is inflation, why is the problem of today's world unemployment, what is the functioning of the stock market, how money was made.

The surprise arising from the total ignorance of these issues is even greater if we realize that children are consumers and operate in the economy from an early age. They make many decisions, with their behavior, views, and over time, they also influence the financial decisions of their parents. Therefore, economics is an integral part of our lives, not a distant and quite foreign field. We meet with economic issues every day.

Economic Awareness

Some parents, in good faith, try to keep children away from all issues related to money, earning and spending. Not wanting to burden the kids with their problems and dilemmas, they decide not to talk about important topics. Meanwhile, just because you don't talk about certain things doesn't mean they don't exist. Many specialists emphasize that as soon as possible a "conscious" child has a chance to demonstrate greater responsibility and skill in disposing of his pocket money. It already has an easier task at the start and is better prepared for adult life.

Children gain knowledge incredibly easily. If we give them it in an interesting form, they may find the need to deepen the information they have once acquired. Inspiring discussions are often able to motivate people to search for answers and learn in a family circle.

"Talking with the head" in nine chapters talk about basic economic issues, introduce important terms, teach and entertain.

Friendly heroes, simple and funny language, interesting conversations: everything deserves recognition. We highly recommend and ... wait for the next part! We hope that after the success of the first one, we won't have to wait long for the next one.

Thank you to the Novae Res publishing house for sending a copy of the review book.