The seventh month of a child's life

The seventh month of a child's life

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A child who starts the seventh month of life, lying on his tummy trying to crawl. He gains skill in rolling, creeping and reaching his destination in a flash. The toddler likes this new skill so much that he still stays in motion. Whenever he has the opportunity, he also practices skill independent transition from lying to sitting. He can try to do this in many different ways.

Appearance - the seventh month of a child's life

A seven-month baby is constantly moving. It becomes more and more independent. He wants to discover the world by himself, instead of waiting for you to show him something. He has a lot of ambition and persistence, which allows him to achieve his goals. For this reason, he seems much older and more independent than he really is.

The toddler is every day rather cheerful. He laughs and giggles a lot, even in situations that seemingly give no reason to do so. However, he does it so charmingly that his good humor quickly spreads to his surroundings. All this makes the baby seem very happy and much more satisfied with everyday life than it was a few weeks ago.

Motor skills - a baby 7 months

Most babies are seven months old can pull up to a sitting position. Of course, however, not all of them master this skill at this stage. What's more lively babies begin to crawl during this period, and this skill takes them every day for many hours, which is very much welcomed by the immediate surroundings of the child, also by you - finally your spine can breathe and you have more free time!

The child accepts with great enthusiasm standing position. Kept under the bars, it starts to make small steps in place. His spine and increasingly stronger legs allow you to feel really confident in this position. In turn, strong muscles of the neck and back give the ability to hold the head stiffly upright without major signs of fatigue. An infant who once showed the world from a standing position, likes her very much and gladly stays in it. However, it will be several weeks before it starts walking.

What may surprise you when your baby is seven months old?

    • Crawling skill it doesn't come overnight. Studies show that before an infant learns to move on all fours, it must go through 14 stages that allow you to acquire the appropriate skills needed to cover the distance in this way.
    • The long-term memory of a child is much better than a few weeks ago. The toddler can recognize at this stage a person whom he has not seen for several days.