Prenalen syrup for pregnant and lactating women - yes or no? reviews

Prenalen syrup for pregnant and lactating women - yes or no? reviews

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A pregnant and breastfeeding woman doesn't have much choice when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Many manufacturers simply do not recommend their medications to this particular group of recipients, the majority before taking suggest to contact a doctor. Most often, the leaflet reads that the effect of the drug on the fetus is unknown. For a simple reason - no one is conducting research on this particular group. That is why medicines dedicated to pregnant women usually have a simple, natural composition. It's good because they are safe to use. However, there is a downside - you can't count on their spectacular effects. An example is Prenalen syrup.

What is the composition of Prenalen syrup?

Prenalen syrup is available in virtually every pharmacy. This is a drug dedicated to pregnant and lactating women. It is recommended for use during the season of infection, especially at the first signs of infection, accompanied by a runny nose or cough.

Typical ingredients for Prenalen syrup are:

  • Garlic - the preparation uses odorless garlic, thanks to which the use of syrup does not have a negative effect on the smell. There is also no problem swallowing the syrup. Why garlic First of all, it is a known natural antibiotic that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • raspberry - rich in natural antioxidants that have a key role in maintaining the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • black currant - is a good source of vitamins C, A, D, B and E.
  • vitamin C - helps in the proper immune response of the body.
  • zinc - its deficiency may have a negative effect on immunity.

Prenalen syrup: yes or no?

Prenalen is one of the few syrups available on the market dedicated to pregnant and lactating women. The truth is that a cold in pregnancy is a big challenge. Many doctors are afraid to treat future mothers.

And here we have ready syrup. It would seem that perfect.

And it is indeed an interesting alternative, but not perfect. The composition presented above is not everything we can find in the syrup. The formula presented on the producer's website really looks like this:

glucose-fructose syrup, water, blackcurrant juice concentrate (1.36%), raspberry juice concentrate (1.36%), aroma, dry garlic extract, acidity regulator: citric acid, vitamin C, preservative: sorbate potassium; zinc citrate.

In other words on glucose-fructose syrup in the first place on the Prenalen website, silence. Just like about water ... preservatives, aromas. When you look at the formula in this regard, the most in it is not too good for health glucose-fructose syrup used on a mass scale in sweets, water and cheap blackcurrant concentrate. The ingredient to help is only 1.36%! Hardly true?

Active substances from Prenalen can also be used alone, they are generally available. Reaching for them in a natural form, we will gain more than 1% ...

What is our opinion?

You could expect something more from Prenalen syrup ... The composition presented in superlatives on the manufacturer's website really leaves a lot to be desired when we get to know it fully.

There is something else - price. About PLN 15 for 115 ml ... That's quite a lot, especially considering the recommended dosage. In other words: the product ends quickly.

Overall rating: