Baby Annabell - an interactive doll worth the price?

Baby Annabell - an interactive doll worth the price?

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Baby Annabell is a cult doll that costs a lot, but when it appears at home, it disqualifies any other doll. He takes first place in the heart of a little girl and fully deserves it. It's made for little moms!

And this is because it is alive. It looks like a little baby. She moves her mouth (up and down), in a characteristic way imitating sucking, closes and opens her eyes, cries with real tears, pee, babbles, bounces after eating, yawns. The care of the doll does not have to take place only on activities guided by the imagination. The toy itself will motivate the behavior of the little girl's behavior. With his crying, he will force him to pay more attention, motivate him to give a teat or a bottle of water. Perhaps she will make a little mother wear it and gently slap her back to provoke reflection. There are really many possibilities.

Baby Annabell reviews

A 3.5-year-old girl tested the Baby Annabell doll, as in the picture. Although she had had the opportunity to play with various dolls so far, she immediately caught her eye. Initially, it surprised even with its functionality. The child was surprised enough to ask for help from their parents to help you soothe Annabell's crying. Interestingly, the longer the daughter played with Baby Annabell, the less often the doll cried. She learned very quickly how to handle a toy, how to react and how to turn it off.

Unfortunately, this is associated with a minus - the poor quality of the Velcro on the doll's clothes. In my opinion, they should be much better, considering the purpose of the toy.

It is also a good idea to turn off Annabell by itself. If the toy remains "alone" for a long time and the child does not play with it, it goes to sleep. The doll can be woken up again by placing a teat or a bottle tip in its mouth. Sometimes, however, it does not work immediately, which we checked while playing, and then you need to turn on the toy by sliding the back.

An interesting option is feeding with Annabelle water. Unfortunately, if you overdo it, excess water spills through your eyes. The doll will not empty the tank by itself, you need to help it by pressing the button on the tummy. Of course, the doll comes with a diaper (you can buy a diaper set).

To sum up: the Annabelle doll is not perfect, but it's good enough to consider buying it, especially if the price doesn't scare us, around 250 zlotys.

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