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Infectious cough - how long can it last? And what to do with it properly?

There was an infection. Cough remained, which is an unpleasant souvenir of the disease. Unfortunately, its presence does not facilitate regeneration after illness and does not strengthen the body. What is an infectious cough, how do you deal with it, and when can you expect it to pass?

Infective cough - what?

Coughing after infection, as the name implies, is a souvenir of a past illness. Although other symptoms of the disease go away (fever, runny nose, malaise, apathy, less appetite), it remains and appears periodically during the day, and much more often at night.

What's the cause?

Diseases, especially viral ones, like to leave behind bronchial hyperactivity, manifesting itself in the form of an unproductive cough, which can last up to 6-8 weeks.

There is another reason - transient damage to the respiratory epithelium, resulting from the negative impact of microorganisms. When the infectious cough passes, the weakened child's body is often attacked by the next infection and the disease develops again. Consequently, you can get the impression that your child is still sick and coughing all the time.

How to recognize a cough after infection?

Coughing after infection does not usually affect your child's well-being. The toddler seems already healthy, full of strength, accompanied by only this one symptom. The cough usually appears in the evening, it is dry and tiring. In the morning it can be productive and wet. His character likes to change, but the intensity remains similar.

Warning, a post-infectious cough may actually point to asthma, which likes to be revealed when infected. Therefore, if the cough lasts a long time and we are concerned about the child's condition, it is worth consulting a doctor.

How is an infectious cough treated?

The cough remaining after infection usually goes away on its own. Sometimes inhaled steroids are used to treat it.

When an infectious cough is very persistent, your doctor may recommend oral steroids.

For general improvement of a child's well-being, it is good to use inhalations from saline, Nebu-dose or Zabłocka Mist. Systematically used inhalations allow to moisturize and rebuild the respiratory mucosa. They facilitate breathing and facilitate expectoration.

It is also worth taking care of good hydration, giving your child plenty of fluid.