The ninth month of a child's life

The ninth month of a child's life

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The ninth month is a time for many children consolidation of skills, a kind of balance that is needed to go further. An infant usually has no problem at this stage pulls up at the furniture and crawlsdiscovering every corner of the house. He awakens the love of the environment, chatting happily, smiling and looking for ways that his loved ones can still look at him.

9 month old baby - active explorer

Appearance - the ninth month of a child's life

The child can use arm and leg movements to show what he feels - joy or anger. He learns the meaning of various gestures: pushing, throwing, pointing, waving. He finds great joy in using the skills he acquires. The more it is understood by the surroundings, the more I feel more confident. With each passing day, he becomes more and more attached to his loved ones and gives them feelings and emotions.

Although the baby is already nine months old and some parents think he is already becoming a "big baby", they are still very important during the day for him schedules and rituals. In this way he feels safe and calm. Children, thanks to the plan of the day, become satisfied when they know what is about to happen and when they are not surprised at every turn.

Motor skills in the 9th month of life

The infant no longer has any problem with sitting alone. In this position, he has a straight back and legs stretched forward. He also gains a lot of crawling skills. Baby's movements are much more efficient and better coordinated.

Some babies instead of crawling they choose another way of moving - for example moving on the butt and from this position immediately go to walking.

The child is very ambitious and often his desires exceed his skills. The toddler needs to find a balance and assess what he is able to achieve at a given stage. Such puberty is unfortunately not free from frustration.

What may surprise you - a 9 month baby?

    • The child is fascinated by various materials. He likes to touch different fabrics and rub them with his face.
    • Often, a toddler sometimes compares objects that he holds in two hands.
    • The infant begins to use a similar string of vowels for one and the same object.
    • The child slowly begins to indicate, thus communicating what he means and what he has to say.


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