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The child broke the smartphone? Take advantage of insurance

The child broke the smartphone? Take advantage of insurance

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Parents of small children and babies of several months old often face the situation when their child breaks down some equipment. Unfortunately, quite often this equipment is a smartphone, which is a delicate device and hardly resistant to mechanical damage. What to do if a child damages the phone?

The most common faults

Children usually break displays on smartphones or flood them with lens, milk or water. The device then requires immediate repair, as it is usually impossible to continue using it. The cost of replacing a broken or scratched display is on average 200-300 zlotys, but for iPhones a new screen costs more than twice as much. If the equipment is flooded, the cost of the service depends on which component is damaged. Sometimes it turns out that the amount of damaged elements is so large that it is more profitable to buy a new smartphone than repair your model.

If the child damages the mobile phone, it is not possible to rectify the fault under the warranty. The manufacturer of the device only guarantees the removal of failures resulting from hidden defects of the device, and those that arise due to mechanical damage or flooding do not belong to such. This means that the parent must pay for the damage caused by the child. He can only avoid this if he buys Phone Insurance.

Family Cover policy

Thanks to Phone Insurance, money for the repair of a smartphone is paid by the insurance company, and the parent does not have to worry about where he will get the funds to replace the defective element in the phone. In order for the insurance to be effective when the failure is due to the child's fault, you should buy Family Cover insurance for the basic version of Phone Insurance. It guarantees that the insurance company will pay for repairs resulting from careless use of equipment by immediate family members.

Telephone Insurance compensation is paid within a maximum of 2 weeks, which is one of the shortest waiting times for benefits - most insurance companies pay compensation after 30 days. To purchase insurance with the Family Cover extension, all you have to do is fill out a simple form on the insurer's website or submit an appropriate instruction during a telephone conversation with a consultant. The insurance can be purchased for any period, as buying it for a minimum of one year is not required.