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In Sweden, men can take advantage of 450 days of leave after the birth of a child. Many men use this option, quite differently than in Poland, where mothers almost always go on maternity leave, and paternity leave is only hypothetically available, few use it (for Polish daddies, paternity leave is available - unused by the mother of the child to the maximum 266 days plus 14 days of paternity leave).

Swedes do not see a problem in returning to work quickly. Dads staying at home with a child also appreciate this solution. It is a reason for them to be proud, as evidenced by the following photos showing the everyday life of men with young children.

Nothing unusual, but only for people who are used to such views. Those who did not have an "active father" and complain about the lack of "commitment" on the side of the partner ... know why these photos evoke so much emotion.

Let such views bear us ... let them be reality in an increasing number of homes. Dad can handle young children just as well as mom. There really isn't much difference. Truth?

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